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Register A Name - How To Register A Name For Your Website

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Registering a name for your website is the key to driving Internet traffic to your site. People don’t want to have type in a long address for a website. Instead, registering a simple name like www.example.com will make your site much more accessible. Having a domain name like that makes your site easy to promote and easy to remember for people who want to visit again.

It is fairly easy and cheap to register a name. The company responsible for registering is called ICANN, standing for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. ICANN is responsible for the regulation of domain names and IP addresses. Once you have a domain name in mind and determine if it is available, you would visit a registrar that is ICANN accredited. There are many popular ones.

The largest website registrar is GoDaddy.com. Go Daddy is an easy and cheap way to register a name for your website. Go Daddy offers domains for under $10. In addition you get a free starter page and free web redirection, which allows you to direct that name to another address to attract more traffic. They have an easy to use interface to manage all of your domain names. In addition to the typical .com website, you can also register a name for .net, .org, .tv, or .info among others. Prices depend on the types of web hosting and domain registration you want. Go Daddy accepts PayPal and credit card. Once you are registered, your domain and name must be renewed after a year.

Another popular registrar is Dotster.com. Dotster offers both new and transferred domains at great prices. They also have a monthly web hosting option that offers 10 GB of free space as well as web building software and email accounts. It’s a great package if you are planning to start a business. They offer man different domains besides the popular .com, and often offer sales on certain domains as well. PayPal and credit card are accepted.

Register.com is another great site to register a name. They have a great packaged for building a website that enables you to track all the traffic coming in. Searching for a name is easy on here as well. They offer many great packages for businesses, including security certificates, email accounts, web hosting, and search engine optimization. All of the tools are easy to use and come at affordable rates, as low as $12 per month.

There are many other sites out there where you can register a name, but these are the most popular and offer some great packages that help you build your site. It’s important to remember that time matters when you want to register a name. People submit website names all day every day. If you want to register a name, don’t hesitate. Even if you decide to not follow through with the website, your cost is minimal, usually less than $1 per month for the name. You could also choose to sell that domain name if someone else wants it. Registering a domain name is essential if you want a website to be successful.

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