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Cisco 24 Port Switch - For The Best In Networking Equipment, Consider The Cisco 24 Port Switch

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As information technology is becoming more important in today’s business climate, local area networks (LANs) are struggling to keep pace. The sophistication of modern equipment makes that of even 5 years ago pale in comparison. This is important due to the fact that demand has caused designers to constantly come up with new innovations to keep pace. Cisco is one of the leading manufacturers of computer products, and network solutions. Their routers and switches are the industry standard, known throughout the world for quality and reliability. For an overworked network administrator, it is one less thing to worry about.

Hooking computers up to a central point takes a fair amount of planning. Even a small LAN requires the proper location of every node, as well as the wiring to that spot. Of course, everything is fed from a central location or closet. This relatively small area encloses the servers and switches which relay information to the proper destination based upon a series of rules programmed into the unit. There are other units which learn on the fly, since employees change buildings or leave the company, resulting in a dead end for an information packet intended for them.

One of the most popular elements in a network design is the Cisco 24 port switch. The base model has many variations which can be determined for the proper number of computers. There are 24 ports that are able to be accessed; each one is assigned to a single node (or user). They can be used as either a 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps setting. In addition, there are 2 fixed ports specifically for uplink purposes. These are set at 100 Mbps since information is designated for the system only and not the end user. This device also supports gigabit networking, so there is virtually no delay at all with communication.

LANs exist as small, medium or large entities, so the right switching device is needed for optimal function. The Cisco 24 port switch has a number of management features that make it the ideal choice for a network of any size. The built-in software management program makes it easy to keep track of most activities that occur on a daily basis. Some of these include traffic patterns, data flow and whether the current load is too heavy. It has the capability to route traffic over a less congested path, ensuring that functions such as video conferencing can occur smoothly.

This unit also boasts an impressive amount of power for its size. Each port can use up to 7.5W, making additional cabling to run external networked devices unnecessary. Since less cable means a smaller network, data is able to be sent and received much faster. That is one of the primary reasons that system designers have to think long and hard about the particular needs of the user before the switch can be released. The features have to be optimized for the most efficient usage, which is a major reason that Cisco is the industry leader in this kind of equipment.

Another great reason to have a Cisco 24 port switch on the network is for security reasons. This is probably one of the hottest topics in information technology right now. As more data becomes available online, hackers constantly try to steal it for malevolent purposes. The software already programmed into the machine, coupled with adequate measures taken by professionals who monitor the network, make it virtually impossible to access inside information. This doesn’t mean that the system is entirely impregnable, since employees can steal almost anything. However, by enhancing the level of expertise required to gain access, most of the lesser skilled bad guys will look for an easier target.

The Cisco 24 port switch provides security, reliability and advanced quality of service to the customer. When combined with a Cisco assistant, the network virtually runs itself once the application is set up and properly configured. It is also compatible with the latest in connectivity methods, including fiber. This feature by itself should convince a potential customer, that the industry leader has an incomparable product. With great support both online and over the telephone, buyers know that help is only a call away.

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