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Auto Zone Auto Parts - What to Expect From Auto Zone Auto Parts

services offered types of parts available maintenance and cosmetic accessories specialized automotive tools knowledgeable clerks

Auto Zone auto parts stores offer many of the parts and services that individuals need in order to perform maintenance or repairs on their personal vehicles. Auto Zone also provides the tools, parts, and accessories that corporate vehicle owners need, as well. Auto Zone auto parts stores are designed to provide the necessary assistance to anyone who needs a part or a tool to repair a car or a truck. If they do not have the tool or the part in their inventory, they will order it for you and have it available within the same week in most cases.

Where Auto Zone Auto Parts are Located

There are Auto Zone auto parts stores in 48 of the 50 United States. The most dense concentration of stores is located between the east coast and the Midwestern states. California is also home to a large number of Auto Zone stores. North Dakota, Alaska, and Hawaii are the only states that do not have Auto Zone stores. In most of the states a mechanic would only need to drive a few miles to find the nearest store. Some of the states in the Midwest have stores that are separated by a few hundred miles, however.

Services Offered

Auto Zone auto parts stores offer many types of customer service. They will test your vehicle’s battery to see if it has a charge before they sell you a new battery. They can also test other engine parts, like an alternator, if you believe that is the problem with your engine. Auto Zone stores are equipped with state of the art machinery designed to help customers tell if a part is broken and needs to be replaced. When the part does need to be replaced, the Auto Zone store will take the old part and send it to a recycling plant so that it does not wind up rusting in a landfill.

Types of Parts Available

Almost any car and truck part is available through an Auto Zone auto parts store. The possible exceptions to this rule are parts that have been discontinued and specialty parts for unusual vehicles. Most parts for most modern vehicles are kept in stock or available on order from any Auto Zone location. You can find engine parts as well as structural support, like shocks and struts. You can also purchase accessories to make your engine more powerful.

Maintenance and Cosmetic Accessories

The customer portion of most Auto Zone auto parts stores is filled with common maintenance items as well as cosmetic items. You can purchase car seat covers, steering wheel covers, hubcap kits, and other cosmetic items. Auto Zone stocks a wide variety of car cleaners, cleaning supplies, waxes, and polishes. If you need to touch up the paint job, you can find all of the tools, paint, and filler products at Auto Zone. The stores also sell everything you need to perform simple maintenance on the engine, like oil and air filters, spark plugs, and other parts that need to be changed often.

Specialized Automotive Tools

Many recent model cars and trucks are equipped with parts that require specific tools to remove or install. Auto Zone auto parts stores are willing to rent these special tools to any mechanic who needs one for a day or two. This policy has saved thousands of dollars for shade tree mechanics who lacked the right specific tool for a job. If someone wants to purchase a specialized tool, Auto Zone will be happy to sell one as well as rent it out. Rented tools can be sold at a discount because they have been used.

Knowledgeable Clerks

Auto Zone auto parts employs clerks who understand automobile engines. These clerks can talk with you about your car’s troubles in a knowledgeable fashion and make intelligent recommendations. When you bring a part in that needs to be replaced, the clerk should be able to recognize the part and look for it right away. Auto Zone auto parts clerks are an excellent resource for anyone who is unsure about how to proceed with the repair or maintenance of their vehicle. The clerks can also suggest local mechanics and body repair shops that have good reputations.

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