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Cheap Athens Flights - How to find cheap airline tickets to Athens

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There are seven basic ways to find cheap airline tickets to Athens, Greece. Sometimes you can combine methods to get an even better deal. Remember that taxes and special fees are usually not included with the price of the airline ticket, so be sure to ask about them.

Book at the last minute: If you need or want to fly to Athens at the last minute, you’re in luck. Many airlines slash prices or contract with online discount services to fill empty seats. You can usually find airline tickets at half the normal price within a week of the day you decide to go. Check several sites; I found tickets from Dallas to Athens in August for $865 on one discount site, when all the other cheap flight sites quoted $1,200 or more as the lowest price.

Book far in advance: The opposite method is to search for cheap airline tickets a month or more in advance of your trip to Athens. Airlines will book tickets nine or ten months in advance. Check with travel agents and Athens tourism sites as well as discount airline tickets sites.

Go in the off season: The same flight from Dallas to Athens that cost $865 in August is $402 in October. Typically, airline ticket prices start rising in April and dropping in September, with the cheapest tickets available in October, November, and early December.

Fly on Tuesday or Wednesday: Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest days to fly as a rule, although sometimes those prices are extended from Sunday through Thursday. For example, the October price of $402 from Dallas to Athens is for flights on Friday and Saturday; the price on Sunday through Thursday is $377.

Go with a group: If you can get a group of ten to fourteen people to go to Athens with you, you can often get your airline tickets free. You can post a notice at work or school to get a group together. You do not need to know the members of the group to arrange for a group trip. You also don’t have to stay with the group once you are in Athens. Contact a travel agent for details about this program.

Fly from a major city: First do a search for cheap airline tickets from your local airport to Athens. If you see that all or some of the flights have stops or airline changes in another U.S. airport before you get to Athens, search for tickets from that U.S. airport. Then find a bargain flight from your local airport to that U.S. airport. For example, there are cheap flights from Dallas to New York posted on a regular basis costing from $50 to $100. The airline ticket price from New York to Athens is often $200 to $400 cheaper than flights from Dallas to Athens, so you can save $100 to $350 by buying two separate airline tickets. Make sure you have time to connect with your flight to Athens.

Find a cheap airline flight to Europe, then take a commuter flight to Athens: It’s almost always possible to find cheap airline tickets to somewhere in Europe, but maybe not to exactly where you want to go. In this case, you could save a lot of money by utilizing one of the small airlines that specialize in cheap commuter flights within Europe. These flights can be booked for as low as $35 per one way ticket. For instance, easyJet has fares for $88 round trip from Rome to Athens in October.

Most of the super cheap airline tickets to Athens will be for seats in economy or super saver class. These tickets are usually not refundable and some require passengers to pay a fee for checked luggage. The simplest way to avoid luggage fees is to call the airline you book with and ask for information about acceptable size and weight for carry-on luggage, then don’t take any more than you can carry on. With advance preparation, it is possible find airline tickets to Athens for a fraction of the regular price.

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