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Non Prescription Contacts - The Color Changing Effects of the Hot New Non Prescription Contacts

lenses create eye colors

One of the latest trends in fashion does not include any type of apparel items. Instead it falls into the category of beauty and is the new non prescription contact lenses you can buy. The appeal of these lenses for people who don’t have any vision problems is the array of colors and designs they come in. These specially created lenses can enhance your natural color by giving it more depth, or they can create an interesting effect. The flower design by Calaview creates an unusual petal pattern around the iris of the eye to give your eye a textured look.

The radiant styles in the line from Calaview have vibrant radiations of colors streaming out from the center of the eye to create a dazzling effect. Some of these non prescription lenses come in colors of purple, green and gold. There are also styles that create the illusion of small flecks of gold or silver dust on your eye color. A variation on the colors designed to create effects are the two toned styles. These contact lenses use two contrasting colors to create a patterned effect around the iris.

In addition to various textured effects you will also find non prescription contacts with specific images imprinted into the lens material. These images can be flowers, hearts or stars and are often worn as a single contact in only one eye to create a special effect. These trendy new contacts are often worn by celebrities and rock stars to enhance a certain image they want to portray. Now the same fun and adventurous styles are available for anyone to purchase and use for their own unique image style. They have become very popular for use with certain costumed occasions such as Halloween.

The styles commonly worn for special occasions and holidays can range from the romantic to the very bizarre. You will find hypnotic spiral lenses, blood red lenses, heart shaped lenses, completely white lenses and even lenses with cobwebs on them. Most lenses intended for cosmetic enhancement can be safely worn for as long as thirty days. You may find some companies offering free trial lenses to get you interested in their product. These lenses will usually come as a single lens and not a complete pair. To receive the pair you will need to purchase them. Even with a single lens it is a good way to tell if the specific color and design is something you want to purchase and wear.

In addition to all the interesting and unique designs and effects, you can also purchase plain colored lenses without needing a prescription. These are also available in several color choices that can match the color your eyes naturally are or create a new original color. Placing turquoise or lavender lenses over blue eyes will create a new color that will be uniquely your own. You can find these novelty and cosmetic contacts available at specialty eyewear boutiques as well as online. If you enjoy coordinating the colors of your outfits to match your mood, you will probably enjoy changing your eye color as well.

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