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Germantown Homes For Sale - How to Purchase Germantown Homes for Sale

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Incorporated in 1841, Germantown, Tennessee houses a small population of 41, 011. Located near the Mississippi River, there are over 13,000 total housing units, the median price for a house in the city is approximately $353,000, and the average income for a family of three is approximately $94,000 (http://www.germantown-tn.gov/index.aspx?page=136). The city maintains a low crime rate and a high emergency response time. Visit the City of Germantown website at http://www.germantown-tn.gov/ for more information about the community.

Purchasing Germantown Homes for Sale involves a process that begins with finding the right realtor.

To begin, type in the following keyword into your Internet browser’s search box: “Germantown homes for sale.” A list of results will appear. From the list, you see trulia.com. Trulia.com is a real estate search engine that helps visitors to the site find homes for sale. It also offers real estate advice, tools and widgets such as the mortgage calculator. It is a useful website. From the list of results, click on trulia.com and enter the qualifying criteria such as how many rooms, bathrooms, price, everything you believe is suitable for you in the “Refine Search” section of the website. Once you have decided on a house through careful process, scroll down to the end of the webpage. Under “For Professionals,” click on Tools and Widgets. On this webpage, there are various tools, beginning with TruliaSlideshow. Before you fully explore the website, continue to scroll down until you get to TruliaCalculator. Click on the button “Get it now.” Follow the steps to calculate what your monthly mortgage payment might be considering all of the factors entered. On this website, there is an abundance of information and you do get information about the realtor, but the website doesn’t have a personal touch to it. Therefore, go back to the original listing of results from when you typed in “Germantown homes for sale.” You may either hit the back button on your webpage or open a new window and retype the keyword.

From the list, click on the second result, homes.com. You will find this to be a different type of listing. That is, the keyword you used does not apply to Germantown, TN. The listings are for Germantown, MD. This is a good lesson to learn. Therefore, you can either retype the word and add TN to the end or if you have been looking for homes in Maryland all this time, then you must repeat your process. For now, go ahead and change the MD to TN. Click on the search button. Homes.com provides multiple listings for Germantown homes for sale. Refine your search and continue to evaluate the listings based upon the information provided. To see what the website offers specifically, click on any home. Once you have clicked on a photo of a home, you will be taken to the description summary. Scroll down to midway of the webpage. You will see a mortgage calculator. Perform the calculations based on the information you know for now. On this website, there is useful information, but there is still no personal touch. There isn’t a picture of the realtor. You have the option of requesting information and calling the realtor; but Germantown, TN is a very small, cozy community, where many of the neighbors know each other. If you want to move there, you will need to find the best realtor who can give you the personal experience you need. Therefore, go back to the original results and click on the third result, realtor.com

Realtor.com is the official site of the National Association of Realtors. It is a more established site and it subscribes to a code of ethics as indicated as a link at the bottom of the webpage. Click on a listing that you believe to be appropriate for your budget. On the next webpage is an abundance of pictures, a smile on the realtor’s face, and exhaustive information about the property. The most important point to make about this webpage is that up under the realtor’s information is the option to visit the agent’s website. Click on the agent’s website. Click on the tab “Mortgage Info.” This agent offers more than one type of mortgage calculator. Click on the tab “Buying” and you will find information about why it is important to use a realtor. Click on the tab “Listings” and she offers an open house calendar.

Purchasing Germantown homes for sale begins with the process of finding the right realtor. Once you have done that, you can rest easy and let the realtor usher you through the process.

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