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Ak Anne Klein Shoes - Anne Klein Shoes: Great for the Business Woman

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Born in 1923, Anne Klein lived as a designer at the forefront of women’s fashion. She developed her own clothing lines, eventually becoming an incredibly successful designer. Specifically, one of her greatest achievements has been designing great clothing for business women. AK Anne Klein shoes have served as a perfect solution for business women across the world. The chic sophistication and comfort of AK Anne Klein shoes simply makes these shoes beloved by women that work in all sorts of industries.

AK Anne Klein shoes come in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs. Whether a woman wants heels or sandals, she can bet that the Anne Klein brand has something in store for her. Anne Klein is renowned for producing heels that are appropriate for a business atmosphere. The actual height of high heels designed by Anne Klein is typically very conservative, ranging from a half inch to three inches at most. The typical heel on a high heel shoe design from Anne Klein is about an inch and a half to two inches.

Anne Klein is most renowned for its “pointed toe” look, along with its “mary jane” look. Pointed toe pumps are amongst some of the highest selling shoe designs from Anne Klein. In addition, the brand of Anne Klein has a talent for making pointed toe shoes comfortable for women. All too often, shoe designers make the mistake of sacrificing comfort for style. The essence of the Anne Klein brand is to combine comfort and professional style, in order to create a shoe that works perfectly for the business woman.

Many women may find that they work in business fields that require a more conservative style of dress, so that they can gain respect from others in their field. Fields such as law require an incredibly conservative type of dress on the part of women. For women that may be attorneys, wearing AK Anne Klein shoes can be a very smart option. A female lawyer does not have to completely abandon style, however, with AK Anne Klein shoes. With this brand of shoe, a female attorney can still wear heels, but not feel too casual or risque at the workplace. Another type of shoe that would work great for female attorneys is the “mary jane” look. Anne Klein has truly perfected the art of creating a perfect “mary jane” type of shoe. Often, Anne Klein can even create “mary jane” types of shoes that fall somewhere between casual and formal. For business women that work in offices that are not too formal and also not too casual, these “mary jane” shoes created by Anne Klein can be perfect. They typically feature a rounded toe, wedge heel, and sling back. In addition to looking great, these shoes provide the comfort necessary for any business woman that is always working and running around town.

AK Anne Klein also sells flat shoes that are perfect for the workplace. Flats are great for women doing heavy duty errands that rely on constantly walking around or standing for long periods of time. For example, many stylists in New York choose to simply wear flats when they run from store to store. Other business women that benefit from wearing flats are small business owners, attorneys, and other professionals relying on travel as a critical part of their jobs. AK Anne Klein flats are especially great for women, because they are designed with style and comfort in mind. Many flats designed by Anne Klein include special materials or accents that make them stylish for the workplace. One cute pair recently designed by Anne Klein included a silver material on the outside with a black band attached on the top of the shoe. Anne Klein is a brand with a talent for transforming shoe designs that are usually casual such as flats into more stylish attire for the workplace.

With AK Anne Klein shoes, any business woman will instantly feel more comfortable and stylish at the workplace. This brand truly has a gift for appealing to business women and serving their needs. For the perfect balance between comfort and great style, Anne Klein offers all of the answers in the AK Anne Klein shoe brand.

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