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Hotels Marmaris Turkey - Hotels in Marmaris, Turkey

club excellent walk option

When trying to choose a hotel in Marmaris, a wide range of options are available. Located between two mountains near the sea, this beautiful resort town in Southwest Turkey is known for its stunning scenery and spectacular beaches.

Within a five minute walking distance, you can find Evin Club Marmaris, with an option of Studios that can accommodate up to two guests and apartments that can provide lodging for up to four guests. The hotel is an excellent option for visitors who desire a well-quipped hotel with an affordable price. Evin Club Marmaris is equipped with a business center, restaurant, free high-speed Internet, fitness center, swimming pools, and free parking. Also within a short walking distance from the hotel is a market with free local fruits and vegetables. A few times during the week, the hotel runs Karaoke nights that you can enjoy with friends or family.

About fifteen minutes away from the beachfront, Club Sultan Maris is a family friendly, budget hotel that is only a short walk away to a variety of bars and clubs. Here, you will find friendly staff, large and clean rooms, 24 hour reception, internet access, and a pool. If you are staying at the Club Sultan Maris, be sure to visit Umut Café, only a short walk away from the hotel. The café is known for its excellent quality food and drinks and welcoming staff.

Another option for couples, families, and groups is Club Amaris. Situated within a ten minute walk from the beach, you can find clean and relaxing apartments that are equipped with all your basic needs. A few days during the week, the hotel provides Turkish entertainment, including belly dancers, Turkish music, and Turkish dancers.

A short distance from the Aqua Dream Water Park, you can find the top-rated Imperial Lodge Apartments. With a friendly bar area, welcoming pool, and accommodating staff, this is a hotel that will make your Marmaris stay worry-free and enjoyable. The rooms at the hotel include large beds, comfortable sofas, and fresh towels every day. If you are staying at the Imperial Lodge, be sure to visit Rest Restaurant, where you can enjoy a great meal and a fantastic atmosphere.

If you are looking for a top quality hotel with a low price, the Royal Garden Hotel would be an excellent choice. About fifteen minutes away from the beach, this hotel is known for its excellent quality food and a variety of choices to accommodate guests. If you are visiting Royal Garden as a family, you will find that there entertainment options for all ages. The pool in the hotel is spotless and a photo service is available where you can ask to put together a CD of your photographs during the trip. This hotel is less than half a mile away from the Marmaris Thursday Market where you can find bargain-priced goods and walk through bazaar-style shops.

An excellent option for visitors who are looking for a five star hotel with a true five star service is the Maritim Hotel Grand Azur where you rooms have balconies overlooking the picturesque view of the sea. The hotel is a close distance from virtually all the top attractions of Marmaris. For your protection, security guards protect the hotel 24 hours a day.

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