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Bionaire Air Cleaner - Give Your Home a Healthy Environment with a Bionaire Air Cleaner

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Home building and remodeling contractors have been able to construct and remodel houses to keep drafts out and prevent the inside air from leaking out for some time now. They have made great strides in helping homeowners to heat and cool their homes more efficiently and keep their families comfortable at the same time.

However, there is another side to the issue. When houses are relatively airtight, the inside air may become unhealthy. Homes can harbor various pollutants like tobacco smoke, mold, dust, pollen, fumes from chemicals found in household cleaners and many allergens including pet dander. People who suffer from allergies or asthma are especially affected by unfiltered air.

Many people are concerned about protecting our environment and controlling harmful emissions, but we should be just as concerned about keeping the air inside our homes pure. We spend a greater part of our time in our homes than anywhere else, so it is important to do what we can to make the inside air healthful. A bionaire air cleaner is the perfect solution to provide clean pure air in our homes. Especially if you have taken extra measures to make your home energy efficient, you should take special precautions to protect the environment inside your home, because the stale air will not be exchanged for fresh air very often when your house is airtight. Even if your house is drafty and hard to heat or cool, a bionaire air cleaner can make a big difference in the air quality of your home. When you are accustomed to your home’s atmosphere, you may not realize that the air is unhealthy, but after a few days of breathing air purified by a bionaire air cleaner, you will notice the difference and never want to be without one.

A bionaire air cleaner will provide pure healthy air for your family without detracting from your home’s decor. Its advanced design and stylish looks help it to blend in with your other furnishings and retain your room’s pleasing atmosphere. Bionaire’s slender tower uses little floor space, so you can put it anywhere in a room, and it will look like it belongs there.

The engineers, product managers, inventors and testing experts in Bionaire’s research and development department are constantly using superior technology to create innovative products and improve their designs for freshening the air quality in millions of homes, and they do not neglect to incorporate style into their new designs. Because they know that people should not have to sacrifice beauty for well being, they strive to keep abreast of modern trends, textures and colors, so their products will harmonize with your home’s decor and be a positive addition to the rooms.

A bionaire air cleaner pulls air through a filter that traps impurities and sends clean healthy air back out into the room, and you can choose to operate it at high speed when the air in your room is poor, medium for constant purification or low when you want quiet efficiency.

Bionaire’s control panels are designed for ease of operation, and they are simple to read. You never have to replace the permanent PERMAtech HEPA-type filters. They will work perfectly if you just vacuum them quarterly, and a filter service indicator will remind you if you forget to clean them when the time comes.

If you want your air cleaner to turn on before you arise in the mornings, turn off after you go to work and back on before you come home, you can use the programmable timer and set it to operate according to your preferences. With the digital controls, you can set the desired level of purity for the air in your room. Your selection will be displayed on the control panel along with the present condition of the air in the room, and the unit will run until the air reaches your chosen level of purity and then keep it at that level.

We try to eat nutritious foods, exercise and get the proper amount of sleep to keep healthy. However, many people neglect to monitor the air that they breathe in their homes and jeopardize their health in that way. Complete your healthy living regimen by using the best air cleaner that you can get to maintain pure air in your home. You will then breathe easier in the healthiest environment available, and any allergy or asthma sufferers who live or visit in your home will be more comfortable as well.

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