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Malaga Spain Hotels - Hotels In Malaga, Spain

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Malaga is the sixth largest city in the country of Spain. The southernmost main city of Europe, this fascinating place is right on the Costa del Sol, or Coast of the Sun, in the Mediterranean Sea. With its beautiful 8 month summer of subtropical climate, Malaga is a great place to vacation.

Birthplace to Pablo Picasso, people come from all over to stop by this city to visit his Museum and enjoy the beauty. Other main cities of Spain, including Seville, Cordoba, and Granada are close enough to be reached by train, bus, or car. In addition to the famous Picasso, Malaga is historically rich with beautiful castles and landmarks like the Gibralfaro Castle and Alcazaba to visit as well. A Roman theater is also open to tourist and is the oldest architectural remains of the city, dating from 1st c. BC. Additionally, Malaga, Spain is home to two great festivals that are widely known: the Holy Week and the August Malaga Fair, or Feria de Malaga. During Feria de Malaga, the locals celebrate the Spanish culture and history by transforming the streets into one big party. Symbolism and joy flows through the streets like wine as tapas, sweet wine and live flamenco is performed. The day promises live music and dancing that is moved into the night where the celebrations continue into restaurants, clubs, and a fair ground with rides and games.

With the festivities and historical attractions, staying in a hotel in Malaga, Spain is an optimal vacation spot. As much as a variety as there is to do, Malaga also has a variety of hotels to stay at while you enjoy this beautiful Spanish spot, including:

El Oceano Beach Hotel in Malaga, Spain is one of the top rated hotels in the area. With its beautiful location, a fabulous restaurant inside the hotel, friendly staff and a relaxing spa, this hotel has the highest of standards. The rooms are luxurious and the ocean setting calming. Customer service is held in the highest regard, making your stay at the El Oceano Beach Hotel and Malaga a memorable one.

Another hotel, Molina Lario, is similar in taste the El Oceano. Beautiful and modern, this hotel is located right in the middle of the city, making sightseeing and absorbing the culture easy. The Molina Lario has a great rooftop pool and outdoor sofa area for socializing. Convenience is a great aspect of this hotel since it is in walking distance of everything you would want to see. Helpful staff and spotless rooms make this hotel a very enjoyable stay.

The Barceló Malaga is a contemporary option for traveling the Malaga. Although farther from town, the hotel is located near the airport and railway station, traveling to and from this hotel is convenient. Known for its funky style, the rooms are what make this hotel a jewel. Full of modern luxuries, the rooms have rain showers, big beds, Jacuzzi tubs, and great internet access. The staff is very professional and accommodating, tending to whatever situation or circumstance you may find yourself in. Although geared for travel for business, this hotel is also a great stay for anyone looking for a modern and comfortable hotel in Malaga, Spain.

Malaga also offers the Hotel Villa Guadalupe. Away from the main traffic of town, this is a great hotel for those looking to get away from city, but you will need a car if you are looking to sightsee. The staff is amiable and makes you feel at home. The restaurant there is elegant, clean, and full of great authentic food. The hotel itself is located in El Atabal which is a private residency, allowing for a beautiful view from your room where ever you are located. If you are looking for a hotel that you can relax and enjoy the scenery of Malaga, this is the hotel for you.

Whether visiting the Flavian Roman Theater, examining the Fundacion Picasso, roaming one of the most important harbors of Spain, or simply enjoying the sun, hotels in Malaga will provide ample choices in location, cost, and convenience. When staying at a hotel in Malaga, Spain you can be sure you will enjoy your vacation while you soak up the history and culture of this magnificent city.

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