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No Contract Phone - How to Save Money with a No Contract Phone

service plan offer cellular

No contract phones offer communication consumers flexibility, freedom, and tremendous cost savings.

New technological advances have made communication easier and cheaper than ever before. Cellular phones offer features recently unheard of even in our modern world! Not only can you make and receive calls, you can listen to music, surf the Internet, get GPS voice directions to your destination, make restaurant reservations, and even manage your bank account! Consumers were once required to lock themselves into a long-term contract in order to benefit from developing technology.

Did you know you can get all of the same services offered by contracted phone companies with a no contract phone?

Consumers are getting tired of being trapped in long-term contracts with communications giants that have ruled the industry for years. Cellular phone companies’ pricing strategies frequently reflect the hold they have on consumers who have committed to a company and can’t afford expensive cancellation fees. Now contract phones offer a wide variety of benefits including:

  • Less expensive, high-quality hardware and accessories
  • Monthly, minute-by-minute, Internet, and messaging plans based on real consumer needs
  • No cancellation fees
  • No late fees
  • Freedom to cancel the service or put it on hold when you don’t have the money to pay without penalties
  • Freedom to upgrade or replace your cellular phone without having to extend your contract or pay exorbitant prices for new hardware
  • An inexpensive alternative to temporary or emergency cellular phone service

It’s Easy to Purchase and Use a No Contract Phone

Cellular phones that do not require a contract are available in many department stores, grocery stores, and even in convenience stores. They are also available online. Many cellular communications giants are now offering some no-contract hardware and services, but there are a host of smaller companies cropping up too. In many cases smaller companies, or less-known brands are offering some fierce pricing competition and yet—they use the very same communication towers and equipment as their larger competitors.

How to Choose a No Contract Phone That’s Right for You

1. Determine the exact services you want and need. Some uses you may want to consider are:

  • making and receiving calls
  • sending and receiving text, video, photo messages
  • taking pictures
  • listening to music
  • surfing the internet
  • banking
  • scheduling appointments
  • keeping important notes
  • as an alarm
  • sending or receiving business documents
  • as a Global Positioning System (GPS) for specific voice directions to destinations or to track the whereabouts of children, the elderly, or handicapped
  • online shopping

Once you determine the features you require on a no contract phone, you can begin shopping for phones that meet your needs. If you don’t want or need some of these features, save money by choosing a less expensive phone model that offers only the tools you desire.

2. Determine how much and for how long you will use the phone. If you have a landline, or computer-based phone service, you may only need a phone for travel or emergencies. On the other hand, you may require a cell phone that allows constant contact with family members, business associates, and others. If you plan to use the Internet on your no contract phone, determine how much and how often you will use it for that purpose. This will allow you to purchase a no contract plan that best meets your needs.

3. Determine the areas in which you are most likely to use your phone. This is a critical step. Service coverage areas differ significantly. Most service providers offer a coverage area map online. All offer such maps in their offices, usually in the form of a convenient brochure you can carry with you. Only purchase a plan that offer services in the areas in which you live or to which you plan to travel.

4. Purchase a telephone (make sure it includes a charger and other equipment necessary for your specific use)
Purchase a pre-paid service card based on the amount of minutes you plan to use, the daily access fee you are willing to pay, or the monthly plan you select (many no contract service providers now offer a monthly plan with no daily access fee and no penalties for cancellation)

You can also purchase service minutes or monthly plans online using a credit card or by using your telephone
Follow the directions on your telephone to activate the phone, register yourself as the user, and set up service and payment options.

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