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The Firm Exercise - Get in Shape with The Firm Exercise Program

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Gaining weight and becoming unhealthy has become so much easier with fast food restaurants and harmful ingredients in seemingly healthy foods. As a result, many weight loss solutions have arisen and are advertised everywhere. The options are overwhelming for many. People looking to lose weight have choices ranging from pills to surgery, but there is one method that is becoming increasingly overlooked as more products are introduced to the market. Healthy eating habits and regular exercise combined is the surefire method to regaining and maintaining good health. However, beginning an exercise program may not be as easy as it seems with all of the options ranging from gym memberships to aerobics classes and clubs. A good way to begin is with a program like The Firm.

What is The Firm?
The Firm began with a single studio in South Carolina in 1979. Participants in the workouts liked the results that they were getting so much that they began to spread the word about The Firm. In 1986, The Firm released its first at-home workout video. Since then it has sold more than ten million workout videos and it is maintaining its popularity. Though both men and women can get results from doing these workouts, The Firm exercise program is now geared more towards women and contains more woman-friendly workout routines. Currently, all of the instructors are female and most of the testimonials are received from women.

What Do The Firm Workouts Consist Of?
The Firm is not just one particular workout with just one style of exercise. It is a series of workout programs that cover a variety of exercises and is conducive to cross-training. Those who workout with The Firm can do power yoga one day, cardio the next and even learn a few dances moves with the dance workout. While some videos focus on particular styles of exercise, others focus more on specific fitness goals like core training, body sculpting and flexibility. However, the workout that The Firm is known for and is still the most popular is called Synergy Training. It combines cardio exercises with weight training and typically delivers fast results. The Firm also has special workout tools to help boost progress and maximize results. The Wave is an exercise step, but is made to rock from side to side to exercise the hips, buns and thighs. CardioWeights are hand weights that are more female-friendly. They have a more comfortable grip and are perfect for The Firm exercises. There are also more tools designed by this workout that help bring about the results that the exercises provide.

What are the Results?
The Firm promises that results appear in just ten consecutive workouts. The workouts do not necessarily have to be done daily, but should be done as close as possible for the best results. Even better results come with improved eating habits that are combined with the workout program. Testimonials reveal that users lose a substantial amount of weight when the stuck to the program. One woman lost 57 pounds, another lost more than 90 pounds. One of the most impressive testimonials comes from a woman who used The Firm, changed her eating habits, lost 111 pounds and went from wearing a dress size 22W to a size six. Results, of course, vary with different body types and genetics. The greatest benefit, however, from The Firm is an overall healthier body and increased fitness level.

Where Can The Firm Be Purchased?
The Firm does have an official website, but it can be purchased from other retailers. Prices vary with different retailers and depending on the workout, but it is very affordable. There are over 50 workout videos to choose from and not all of them may be found with just one seller. Most customers report satisfaction with just one or a few videos, so owning all of them is not necessary to have success with the exercise program.

As with any exercise program, a consultation with a physician before beginning is best. The Firm is not as effective if it is not done on a regular basis, so consistency is crucial. Be careful to exercise to the point of overexertion and exercise at a comfortable pace.

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