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Smith And Hawkins - The Smith and Hawkins Story

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For decades, Smith and Hawkins were one of the most recognized names in upscale, stylish gardening supplies and accessories. Their glossy catalogs were everywhere and their brand firmly cemented in the American landscape.

Smith and Hawkins made their niche by providing unique items that would not only stand the test of time in the elements, but also provide an elegant or whimsical sense of décor. They would keep threads of this décor through the years, adding varied options for existing products.

One example was their line of small garden statuettes. Many gardeners would look forward to receiving new catalogs each season to see if a new variation of their terra cotta frogs or pigs were added. These items would sell out quickly.

To this day, some of the wrought iron stands, planters and even patio furniture is clearly recognizable as coming from Smith and Hawkins.

Smith and Hawkins also made an effort to be socially responsible, one of the first such companies to advertise this fact. It became a very effective selling point and the company did live up to every social and environmental promise that they claimed.

Unfortunately, times do change. The once profitable empire that Smith and Hawkins had created began to slowly sink. Dave Smith, one of the founders, left the company in the eighties and was dismayed at the direction that the business had taken.

With retail storefronts all over the country, Smith became unhappy that they no longer focused as heavily on the environmental and socially conscious aspects of business. After Smith’s departure, the company was passed into the hands of several different holding companies until Scotts (the makers of Miracle-Gro) purchased the company in 2004.

They made a lukewarm attempt to re-brand Smith and Hawkins, but failed to do so. The company fell into further disrepair and Scotts continued to suffer losses while supporting the company.

Scotts Miracle-Gro claimed that they were unable to sell the company, so on July 10, 2009 they announced that Smith and Hawkins would no longer remain in business and all stores across the country would close. After a final sale, they shut the website down and closed all of the retail stores.

In January of 2010, however, Target announced that it had purchased Smith and Hawkins and would be selling their branded merchandise in their own retail locations.

Currently, Target offers Smith and Hawkins brand items. These are comprised mostly of outdoor furniture sets and a selection of planters. There are also assorted candles and other items, but the majority of what is sold under the brand name is furniture.

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