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Singapore Cheap Flight - How to find a cheap flight to Singapore

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On the tip of the Malay peninsula in southeast Asia, Singapore is one of the world’s fastest growing economies and tourist locations in the world. But getting to Singapore can be pricy and stressful for the inexperienced traveler. Follow these basic tips to avoid stress and find cheap flights to Singapore.
- Fly on a foreign carrier. The difference in amenities and comfort between a foreign carrier and a US carrier, especially on a 12 hour flight, ought to make this point non-controversial. With a bit of patience and creativity, you can get cheap flights to Singapore on such highly regarded airlines as Singapore Air, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, or Qatar.
- Buy tickets early. You hear this advice often. What this tip really means is “start your search now”. But that does not mean you should jump on the first deal you see. There are literally thousands of “deals” out there.
- Check the internet regularly. Deals come and go on the normal screenscrapes like kayak.com and discountflights.com. If you have some flexibility in your travel dates and start looking well in advance of your trip, you will find that prices fluctuate hundreds of dollars almost daily. Be sure to check flight broker sites like expedia.com and travelocity.com as well. Flight brokers have direct relations with airlines and set their own prices. However, websites do charge booking fees for their service. Remember to check the airlines site when you find a flight to avoid booking fees.
- Check budget airlines. If you happen to be within a few hours flight time of Singapore, there are a handful of budget airlines that offer very cheap flights into Singapore. Tiger Airways and JetStar are both based in Singapore and provide great service.
- Mix and match. If you find a cheap flight to Hong Kong or any hub within a few hours of Singapore, see if you can line up a flight to Changi the same day on a budget airline. You can save hundreds of dollars this way. In fact, this will be your best bet most of the time.
- Use a travel agency. Sometimes a cheap flight to Singapore is hard to find on your own. Travel agents can offer great discounts on international flights because of special relationships they have with airlines. In essence, the airline pays the travel agent extra so that he can discount airfare despite international regulations. However, you should use a travel agent only if you have some connection or they come with a recommendation. Other options in this vein include travel consolidators and “bucket shops”.
- Take advantage of exchange rates. Buying your tickets in another country can result in great deals.

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