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Bellsouth Home Page - For The Very Best In Communication Services, Check Out The Bell South Home Page

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With the growth of technology exploding over the last decade, more information is available than ever before. The preponderance of computers, laptops, cellular phones and portable electronic devices has made the need for staying in contact greater now than in the past. Individuals, businesses and even government have begun to rely on this form of communication to a greater extent. Gone are the days of snail mail, when correspondence took as much as one to two weeks. Even a simple phone call is likely to go to voice mail. E-mails, texting and instant messages seem to be the norm these days, so it is important to find a reliable provider for all of these needs.

Fortunately at Bell South, there is a plan to fit almost any requirement. Whether for personal, small business or enterprise use, they carry a package that can be specifically adapted to meet the budget and service level of these entities. The home page contains a series of links that will direct customers to the proper place for their inquiry. It has an impressive layout, with easy to navigate tabs for ease of use. There are also quick links for current customers, with such things as bill pay, email, support when traveling, and checking on their current reward balance. This compendium of offerings is sure to please even the most fickle of customers.

Since individual customers comprise the greatest portion of their business, the Bell South home page was set up to put them in the very first tab. After clicking on this area, potential buyers are re-directed to a page specifically for them. Here, the many company offerings are displayed, including local and long distance calling plans, high speed internet service, wireless phones and digital television. These submenus all lead to other directories containing detailed information on the various topics. Online specials exist as well, meaning that customers can save money by ordering over the Internet. A special bonus is a paperless statement, saving trees and promoting the green movement. In addition, the bundle package shows how savings can be effected by choosing one or more services together.

Another area of expertise by this group is in the small business realm. Clients can navigate from the Bell South home page by clicking on the second tab at the top of the main site. Once there, a variety of options exist to help those firms with a smaller number of employees. The impressive number of bundle packages available will help to provide cost savings for firms of this type. These include such things as the AT&T Business Double Pack, which features unlimited local and long distance domestic calling, along with Business DSL with speeds up to 6.0 mbs; the Triple Pack which has all of these features, plus wireless capability; and Broadband on the go, containing high speed internet service with mobile broadband using Laptop Connect, and remote data backup. All of these items are sure to make the financial analysts breathe much easier.

For Enterprise solutions, customers simply hit the link to go directly to that page. Here, clients are able to use such advanced features, one of which is Telepresence, which is used for business-to-business meetings. The real impact is felt here in the travel budget, since all of these take place in the respective conference rooms of the respective companies. Using live feed and video monitors, the exchange of information takes place without all of the participants having to be in the same room. There are also networking solutions and computer security options available for those entities with a larger budget.

At the Bell South home page, there are a wide variety of resources to help even those with a small amount of spending capital. The assortment of links is easy to navigate, leading to even more detail regarding a specific type of application. Prospective clients can easily find the type of information they are looking for, with account representatives available for quick sign up. Returning members can access their account quite easily from here as well. It makes sense to bookmark this page for almost all telecommunication issues. There is almost no area of staying in touch, that isn’t covered by the resources on this website.

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