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Theme Park Discount - How to Find a Theme Park Discount

purchase several days at once find a package deal buy an annual pass temporary promotions join member groups

Theme park admission prices can be expensive, especially if you have a large family. There are some ways to find a theme park discount that will allow you to visit the park more often without having to spend all of your money on admission. If you live near a theme park, you will have more opportunities for good discounts than if you live farther away. Theme parks like to offer nearby residents discounts so that they will have business during the slower times of the year.

Purchase Several Days at Once

When you plan a vacation trip that includes a visit to a them park, you may be able to get a theme park discount by purchasing admission tickets for several days at once. Most parks offer two and three day passes that are discounted from the normal single day admission price. You will be presented with these options while you are completing the purchasing process. Many theme parks also list their discounted multi-day pass prices on their websites. You will benefit from the savings as well as the extra day or two of theme park fun for your family.

Find a Package Deal

Some of the most popular theme parks have their own hotels in or near the park. There are several theme park discounts available to visitors who purchase hotel rooms in the hotels that are owned by the park. Guests may get free or discounted meals as well as discounted admission prices. Some theme parks also treat their hotel guests to special trips into the theme park during the morning or evening hours when the parks are closed to the general public. The price of the theme park admission is included in your hotel cost, which can give you dramatic discounts on the admission price.

Visit Theme Parks During the Off Season

If the theme park you are interested in is located in an area of the country that does not have harsh winters, there is a good chance that the park is open all year long. Theme parks in California and Florida are available 12 months of the year. You can get an excellent theme park discount by visiting one of these parks during the winter months when everyone else is at school. The parks often offer special rates during the of months when they are not as busy as usual.

Buy an Annual Pass

An easy way to earn a theme park discount if you live within driving distance of the park is to purchase an annual pass. These passes are usually the same price as two full price admission tickets to the theme park, but they allow you to visit the park as many times as you like for a solid year. If you are in a position to go to the theme park more than twice in a year, an annual pass will save you hundreds of dollars. This is a theme park discount that provides the maximum amount of fun for the least amount of money.

Temporary Promotions

People who pay attention to theme park advertisements will have the opportunity to take advantage of any temporary theme park discount that may be offered. Theme parks will sometimes offer discounts for special groups during different times of the year. One of the most common theme park discount tactics is to offer lower admission prices to those who live in the state where the park is located. Theme parks may have special prices for several different reasons throughout the year. Keep your eye on theme park advertising and visit their website often so that you will be aware of any special discounts.

Join Member Groups

It is also possible to earn a theme park discount if you join specific member groups that have been put together by the theme park. These groups provide you with newsletters and updates of the things that are going on at the park as well as discounts on admission, food, and entertainment. Some theme parks require that you purchase an annual pass in order to join their membership group. Others allow you to join the group without buying anything. You will be able to learn about membership groups at the park’s website or at an information booth in the park itself.

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