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Mobile Al Homes - Finding the Right Home in Mobile, Alabama

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Mobile, Alabama is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. With a current population of 540,258, it is the second largest city in Alabama. One thing that makes Mobile so popular is its location. Mobile is located on the Mobile River and the Mobile Bay in southern Alabama. These two bodies of water meet at the northern part of the Gulf of Mexico. This makes Mobile the only seaport in Alabama. Mobile is also known as a cultural center of Alabama. It is home to several museums as well as a professional opera and professional ballet company. There are also several sports teams in Mobile. Mobile is home to University of South Alabama, and many the South Alabama Jaguars for those people that enjoy college football.

For someone moving to Mobile, it’s important to find the right house in the right neighborhood. Finding the right house in the right place requires a little research, but it helps to know a little bit about some of the different neighborhoods in Mobile.

For people that like to renovate older houses, and enjoy living in historic districts, the Oakleigh Garden Historic District might be the right fit. Oakleigh is one of the largest historic districts in Mobile. Many of the homes in this area are older, revived, stately homes. Some of the styles of the homes here include Victorian, Greek Revival, Bungalow and Classic Revival. This district also hosts the city’s official antebellum home and museum named the Oakleigh House Mansion. Built in 1833, more information on this museum can be found at www.historicmobile/Oakleigh08.htm. Many of the homes in this district were built in the 1800’s and most of them have been well maintained and cared for. Because of the historic nature of the entire district, houses in this neighborhood can be expensive and have significant upkeep costs.

Another well known neighborhood in Mobile is the Spring Hill district. Spring Hill is located seven miles west of downtown Mobile. It became popular in the 1850’s when successful cotton merchants began to settle in the area. This neighborhood is known for the sense of community. It has many walking and biking trails, as well as several upscale retail centers and restaurants. Homes in this Mobile neighborhood tend to be in the styles of 1930 bungalows or 1950 brick ranches. This is a popular area, and the value of houses and land has continued to increase. As a result, houses in this area are on the more expensive side, although the beauty of the neighborhood will make the housing costs worth it.

The West Mobile neighborhood is generally known as a suburban neighborhood. Many young families live in this district. Houses in this neighborhood are less expensive than the historic districts, but they are also more modern. The West Mobile neighborhood was a planned suburban development. This means the streets are wide, there are many sidewalks for walking and biking and that most of the houses have a similar look and feel. Homes in this neighborhood attract young families with children.

The Government Street area of Mobile is another area for suburban homes. This area has mostly single family homes that have three or four bedrooms. Most of these homes were built between 1970 and 1994, although there are some newer homes in this neighborhood as well. Families in this neighborhood tend to be professional with school aged children. This neighborhood is located in the west central part of the city of Mobile, which makes it an easy commute for professionals working in the downtown area.

Many people are discovering that the city of Mobile has a lot to offer. It is a modern city that still holds on to its past. There are many fine arts venues and museums as well as sports arenas. When looking to relocate to Mobile, there are many neighborhoods to choose from. Each neighborhood has its own personality and flair. The homes in these neighborhoods vary as well. They can run the gamut from historic to bungalows to modern townhouses. With a little research, a home owner can find not only the right neighborhood, but also the right style of house to fit their needs. Real estate agents in Mobile are knowledgeable and helpful. They are proud of their city and welcome newcomers with open arms.

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