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Ab Fitness Equipment - What Is The Best Ab Fitness Equipment?

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How many commercials have you seen advertise a product that can help you get those six-pack abs you have always dreamed of? If you watch television at all, the answer is probably a few hundred. There are constantly new inventions attempting to sell you on the newest and best ab fitness equipment. Do some of these products actually work? Fortunately, the answer is yes. However, you must be careful, because some of the best advertised equipment does the least for you.

Prior to reviewing some of these ab fitness products, it’s important that you understand how abs are really built – or revealed. If you have excess body fat on your stomach, the first thing you need to do is get rid of it. This can be done simply by jogging or running three miles per day. The weight will come off regardless of what you eat. There is no reason to go to a fancy gym, hire an expensive trainer, or buy motivational books and videos. Running burns more calories than any other exercise. The reason this is being brought up is because if you don’t shed the fat and you workout your core to the best of your ability, you still won’t see those six-pack abs. That’s why the word ‘revealed’ was used earlier. The first step is to get rid of the curtain – the excess fat. Then, you can start to tone your abs. Once you have completed both steps, your physique will improve considerably.

What is the best ab fitness equipment? When it comes to ab-related products, it’s not a matter of what is the best and worst, it’s more a matter of what works and what doesn’t work. Either a product helps develop your abs or it does not. Let’s start with the simplest product, which is an exercise mat. If you don’t have an exercise mat, you can use a spare rug you have lying around the house. Or, if you’re motivated enough to workout in the living room, use the carpet. Regardless of what is beneath you, use this soft surface for sit-ups, crunches, the bicycle crunch, and the plank. Many people get confused on the difference between sit-ups and crunches. For best results with a sit-up, lie on the ground, fold your hands across your chest, keep your feet flat on the floor, and lift your upper body halfway to your knees. Your hands are across your chest so you don’t jerk your head for momentum. Your feet are flat on the floor, opposed to under something to support your feet, to improve balance. You’re only going up halfway to focus solely on your core. If you go up farther than that, you’re actually working out your hips. Crunches are a little different. Simply place your hands on the side of your head and lift your knees and head up to meet in the middle. There is much debate over which is more effective, but you can’t go wrong either way. For the bicycle crunch, get in a crunch position and alternate touching your elbows to your knees. Use opposite elbow and knee. For the plank, only your toes and elbows will touch the floor. Stay in that position for as long as possible. All of your weight will be centered on your core. This is a great exercise to do while watching tv.

One of the most popular pieces of ab fitness equipment is the Ab Wheel, or Ab Roller, depending on the company. This is a double wheel with a handle on each side. You place your hands on the handles, your knees on the floor, and you roll forward until you’re at a 45-degree angle. The Ab Wheel might not look like much, but it’s one of the most effective pieces of ab fitness equipment you will find. And it only costs $10-$15.

What about the Ab Circle Pro? This is one of the most advertised pieces of ab fitness equipment in the world. Does it work? Not really. It has a 2.5 rating (of 5) from reviewers. This is probably because it doesn’t do very much. People like the thought of it because it doesn’t take much effort, but when there isn’t much effort, there isn’t going to be results, either. What makes it even worse is that it sells for just under $200. It’s better to stick with the exercise mat and Ab Wheel.

Other ab fitness equipment that will get you results includes the Vertical Knee Raise Machine, The Iron Gym, and the Crazy Abs Abdominal Exercise Home Gym.

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