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Self Storage For Sale - Self Storage for Sale: A price you can pay to keep your stuff!

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According to the Commercial Investment Real Estate Magazine (CIRE),

“The United States has approximately 44,000 self-storage facilities totaling 1.5 billion square feet with a market value of about $120 billion. Public ownership of self-storage currently hovers around 13 percent.”

It would appear that as Americans downsize their home and apartment living spaces they still refuse to part ways with their stuff. All of that extra stuff has to go someplace and thus, enter: Self storage for sale.

You can purchase self storage space as small as a 4 ft x 4 ft cubicle to as large as a 10 ft x 30 ft self storage space. Whether you require a small closet to store your things or the equivalent of a three-car garage, there is self storage to fit all of your needs. Some of the self storage for sale is located within the confines of climate-controlled buildings that mimic the conditions of household environments and protect furniture and belongings from the temperature extremes that can occur in outdoor self storage units.

Whatever your self storage requirements may be, there are self storage units for sale to match your needs. Public Storage is the “largest self storage company in the United States with over $12.7 billion dollars in self storage market capitalization with just $1.5 billion dollars in sales” according to the Self Storage website. You can visit them on the Web at www.publicstorage.com. They are followed by the self storage companies: Extra Space Storage and U-Store-It. These companies rank second and third by NYSE and are traded publicly on the stock market.

There are many entrepreneurial endeavors that are popping up smaller, privately held companies that offer self storage for sale. A word of caution before getting too price sensitive with your self storage needs – if your stuff means enough to you to consider using self storage in the first place, than choose a reputable self storage company.

Self-storage is considered a solution for those individuals whose cluttered personal and business lives need additional breathing rooms. What is the cost of that extra room? It depends solely on how much space or room you need to rent. With Public Storage and their 2,000 national locations that self storage for sale can cost as low as $10 per month. Be prepared to carry your own insurance because as with any space for sale, you become responsible for any damage to your goods.

In the end, acquiring self storage space is a wise investment when your possessions are getting in the way of your everyday living space and you need to store it.

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