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Ladies Timex Watches - Why Timex Ladies Watches are Popular Amongst Women Sports and Outdoor Enthusiasts

ironman range hour feature

Timex ladies watches are a favorite choice for women athletes, fitness enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers across the globe. Their worldwide popularity can be attributed to their functionality, style, reliability, ability to withstand extreme conditions and affordability.

Ladies Timex Ironman
The Timex Ironman range is a top choice for endurance athletes. The Timex Ironman has a 100-hour chronograph with a 99-lap counter. There is a 10, 30 or 50-lap memory recall feature depending on the specific model owned. Timex is the pioneer of the Indiglo night-light feature which can be found on all watches in this range. This feature illuminates the entire watch screen in low-light conditions. A 24-hour countdown timer is another useful feature. In addition, there is an advanced alarm feature which is completely customizable. The alarm can be set to go off daily, weekly or on weekends and includes a five minute backup. Do you have problems remembering birthdays and other special events? The 30-lap model features an occasion reminder for programming anniversary, birthday and other event details. The Ironman is water-resistant up to 100 meters and is available in a variety of colors. The Ironman range also consists of sleek, fitness and shock-resistant ironman variations.

Ladies Timex Ironman Bodylink System
This is the ideal Timex ladies watch for professional runners or anyone wanting to achieve their fitness goals. This watch is an intelligent device. It measures speed real-time and calculates your exact pace as well as providing speed and pace alerts. It features a continuous odometer as well as 100-Hour chronograph and 100-lap memory recall. A built-in GPS tracks your altitude whilst a heart rate monitor provides heart rate feedback. Workouts are tracked thoroughly by providing heart rate, speed, distance, lap pace and altitude information.

Ladies Timex Expedition
The Expedition range is geared towards outdoor enthusiasts. These watches are more rugged and manufactured from more durable materials. The Trail Series features a collection of casual analog as well as digital compass watches. The Expedition range also features a 100-hour chronograph, 24-Hour countdown timer and Indiglo technology. The digital compass found in the Trail Series can display headings in degrees as well as sixteen cardinal points for enhanced accuracy. An adjustable declination angle ensures that the compass is always pointing in the right direction. They are water-resistant to 100 meters.

All the Timex ladies watches mentioned above have two time zone settings, so travelling with them is a real pleasure. It is easy to see why sports, fitness and outdoor enthusiasts choose a Timex ladies watch as their watch of choice. Timex, one of the world’s oldest watch brands, have manufactured over a billion watches during their long history. They continue to bring new innovative design and functionality to their impressive range of ladies Timex watches.

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