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Luminox Navy Seal Watch - Top 3 Luminox Navy Seal Dive Watch Models

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For a lot of men, the only piece of jewelry that they use to accessorize their outfits is a watch. A good watch is an essential piece of jewelry that every man should have in his collection. Ideally, a watch should look good in both casual and formal occasions, but sometimes a more specialized watch is required. In 1994, Luminox introduced their first Navy SEAL dive watch, built to meet the exacting specifications of the United States Navy’s special operations branch, the Navy SEAL (Sea, Air, and Land) teams. The SEAL teams required a watch that was accurate and could perform under the most difficult conditions. Although these watches were made to withstand combat situations and extreme environmental conditions, they are also popular with civilians because of their craftsmanship and reliability, making them excellent watch choices for people who are into extreme sports and wilderness survival. While a Navy SEAL dive watch has an underlying utilitarian purpose, these watches are not without style and class and can be worn as fashion statements.

All Luminox watches are also constructed with Luminox Light Technology, a proprietary method of lighting the face of the watch. Most watches require their glow-in-the-dark hands to be exposed to a light source to charge up the glow, however the Luminox Light Technology relies on a different method. Luminox lights their watches with small, micro gas lights that are placed in strategic positions inside the watch case, which produces a glow that is up to 100 times brighter than other watches making it ideal for extreme conditions.

Here are three of the top Luminox Navy SEAL dive watch models available.

1. Luminox Men’s 3001 Original Navy SEAL Dive Watch

The Luminox 3001 represents the first in the company’s line of Navy SEAL dive watches. The first thing that is noticeable about the 3001 is its bold, polyurethane case, which is colored in a powerful looking black. The case is large by most watch standards, measuring 1.7 inches across, but this is a function of the watch’s utilitarian design. Coupled with a black face with large, white Arabic numbers, the watch is striking in appearance. The case of the watch is also topped with a bezel that is 0.4 inches thick, which rotates in one direction, essential for use while diving. The watch itself is water resistant up to a depth of 200 meters, making it an ideal dive watch for even the most serious divers. The movement of the 3001 is fine, Swiss-Quartz movement that provides unrivaled accuracy for even the most demanding wearers. The watch is also shock resistant, making it all but impervious to sudden jolts and impacts that may occur during the course of wearing the watch in extreme conditions. The watch is attached to a black polyurethane band, which blends in harmoniously with the case. For men that are looking for a functional watch, with a simple style, the Luminox Navy SEAL dive watch 3001 is ideal.

2. Luminox Navy SEAL Dive Watch 6608 EVO Titanium

For a man who has a bigger budget and wants to have a watch that is not black, the Luminox 6608 is the perfect match. The 6608 EVO is outfitted with a brushed titanium case that sets it apart from many of the other Navy SEAL watches. The case measures 1.7 inches across and features a titanium bezel that rotates clockwise for diving purposes. The Watch also features a beautiful carbon fiber face that looks like a cross hatch design of shades of black and gray. Contrasting with the face are large, white, Arabic numbers and a date window at the 3 o’clock position. Unlike the Luminox 3001, which features a mineral crystal, the 6608, reflecting its higher-end design features a synthetic sapphire crystal that is more resistant to scratching. The 6608 is shock resistant and water resistant up to 200 meters and features both Swiss-Quartz movement and Luminox Lighting Technology. To top it off, this fashionable watch is attached to a soft, black leather band.

3. Luminox Navy SEAL Dive Watch 8052

Men that are interested in owning a watch that is completely constructed from stainless steel should consider the Luminox 8052. The case measures 1.75 inches wide and encapsulates a beautiful, solid black face that features large, white, Arabic numbers with a date window at the 3 o’clock position. The watch also features a stylish, stainless steel band. On the whole, the 8052 is reminiscent of Tag Heuer’s Aquaracer series of watches, albeit at a fraction of the price. The watch is shock resistant and rated for a depth of 200 meters. Featuring Swiss-Quartz movement and Luminox Lighting Technology, the watch also includes a sapphire crystal. This watch is the most versatile of all the Luminox Navy SEAL watches, since its all-stainless steel construction lends itself well to the board room as well as the outdoors.

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