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Popcorn Air Popper - Why use a popcorn air popper?

microwave oil pot hot

Only a few decades ago, unless you were inside a movie theatre, the only way you could make hot buttered popcorn at home was by using a pot on your gas or electric stove. Using a pot at home was cheap and relatively simple, as you did not need a particularly unique pot to make popcorn on the stove, although it is possible to purchase specialized pots today. Rather, all you needed was a sauce pan that was about average to mid sized, a small amount of oil, a lid that could fit tightly onto the pot, and some heat. As long as you monitored it for a few minutes and kept the pot moving so the corn inside would not scorch, you would soon have a snack that was not only tasty but economical, and which everyone could eat and enjoy.

Soon after, the hot air popcorn popper was invented. This was an appliance that only required heat to pop corn, and was designed to offer hands free operation, which meant they were essentially “set it and forget it” appliances. However, soon after the invention of the hot air popper came the microwave oven, and it did not take long for manufacturers to add pre timed options for popcorn making in order to take advantage of family desires for popcorn and convenience. It did not take long for popcorn air poppers to begin collecting dust while microwaved popcorn options became the dominant method of making popcorn due to the lower cost of purchasing the packets, the greater ease with which they could be made, the less time it took to pop them, and the less cleaning up people had to do after them. Today, there are some people who would consider a microwave the default and even only way to effectively make popcorn. However, there are also some people who would state that the modern microwave popcorn experience offers speed and convenience at the expense of flavor. Additionally, popcorn designed for popping in microwaves is typically high in calories and oils.

However, if you use a popcorn air popper, although it may take a little longer to pop the corn and require slightly more effort in terms of cleaning up afterward, you can have a fun and heartwarming snack prepared in a way that offers many benefits compared to what has now become the conventional method of preparation: microwaving. First of all, popping popcorn with an air popper results in a snack that is natural and healthy. When you use an air popper, it is your choice over whether you would like to add oil or not. Unlike with microwave packets, where the oil is added before you even turn on the machine, you can create oil free popcorn if you desire simply by omitting it from the appliance. Additionally, you will not have to deal with the oily and buttery smell that comes from the microwave once the popcorn has been popped.

Another advantage of popcorn air poppers in comparison to microwave popcorn preparation is that it is typically much cheaper to buy a popcorn air popper than it is to buy a microwave or other devices used to make popcorn. Additionally, the bag of popcorn necessary to make popcorn with an air popper costs significantly less than the packets sold for microwaved popcorn. And when you actually put the corns into the air popper, you stand a much higher chance of having all of the corns popping evenly, while this is extremely unlikely when corn is popped in the microwave.

Finally, microwave popcorn is commonly heralded as the most convenient way to make popcorn, and it is true that it offers the advantage of allowing you to place the packet into the microwave, push a few buttons, and walk away until you hear the beeping a few minutes later. However, air poppers do offer certain conveniences of their own. For example, unlike with microwave popcorn, you have the choice with hot air poppers of whether or not you would like to add butter to your popcorn. As with your ability to choose whether or not to add oil, this makes popping popcorn by air a healthier alternative.

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