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Computer To Tv Cable - Different Types of Computer to TV Cable

s-video scan converter box to improve resolution

To think of hooking a computer up to a TV set is a logical connection to make. Both have monitors and can display video. Why not hook them up together? Some people are not sure how to do this, so this article will go over some basic types of computer to TV cables and some specifics regarding their use. These cables can be used to connect computers and television sets so that you can view videos on the television screen. This makes it a lot easier for a group of people to watch something online and makes for greater mutual media compatibility.
Here’s the basic rundown of types of computer to TV cables and connections:


These connections/cables come in both 4 and 7 pin varieties. Often television sets are equipped with an S-Video port. Computers often are as well. The chords to connect these types of ports are fairly inexpensive, so this is a chord that is often bought. One thing to bear in mind is that the connectors have to have to the same number of pins – you can’t connect 4 and 7 pin connectors. There are adaptors you can buy to connect the two types, but this type of connection usually yields fairly poor image quality.


VGA stands for Video Graphics Array. These cables are only used with high definition TV (HDTV). They aren’t usually found on ordinary TVs. They give fairly good video quality, often better than S-video adaptors.


The acronym stands for Digital Visual Interface. This type of connection offers a better video feature quality than VGA, the latter being an analog display standard that became outdated in the 1990s as it was superseded by digitally based technologies, but still used. As in the case of VGA, this type of cable and port can only be connected to high definition TVs (HDTVs). It works either between two DIVI ports or can also be used with the next type of connection as described below.


High Definition Multimedia Interface. These ports are found, again, on high definition TVs. They are not found on computers however. But luckily (as noted above) DVI cables can be run from computers to HDMI ports on televisions. You need a specific double designation cable to do this, not just an HDMI cable. As far as picture quality this type of cable and connection (i.e. DVI to HDMI) is purported to be the best.

Scan Converter Box

This is a piece of converter hardware that converts a VGA signal into S-video so that it can interface with non-HD TVs. These converter boxes range in price from a little over $100 to $300 and up.

Now that we’ve gone over the basic computer to TV cable types let’s take a look at the situations in which somebody might need such a cable:

To Share a Computer Video with Friends

This is the most obvious usage. It’s often difficult for a group of people to crowd around a computer (harder still if it’s a laptop). So displaying the video on a TV set becomes necessary. As long as you can get it hooked up, the whole gang can pile into the den and watch the video with no problems.

To Show a Computer Video to Employees

Often there is a need for a large number of employees to view things like training videos or work based presentations online. Again, a computer screen is often too small for them all to see effectively. If a projection screen is not an option (or, say, they are all in use), wheeling a TV into the conference room and hooking it up to a computer can be a good, quick solution.

To Show in a Classroom Situation

A variation on the same sort of theme. TV sets on wheeled carts are a common sight in school environments from grade schools to universities. A teacher wanting to show students a video, say one he or she found online, can take a laptop into to class and with the right cable or interface make it visible to the entire classroom via a large TV screen.

To Improve Resolution

If you happen to have a good HDTV and a fairly poor monitor, you can improve resolution by displaying video on the TV instead. Why let the top quality resolution of a high definition TV screen go to waste? It can be put to work with a simple computer to TV cable.

The technologies of television and computer graphics are, as you can see, compatible through not only one but a number of different means. This enables a broader set of viewing possibilities and allows for a more interactive media experience in a number of different contexts.

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