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Cheap Bar Stools - How to Shop for Cheap Bar Stools

d. frequent yard sales.

Shopping for cheap bar stools doesn’t have to mean shopping for low quality bar stools! You can make bar stools important and attractive decorating accessories that will last without paying a fortune.

There are many factors to consider when you shop for cheap bar stools including:
• Style
• Height
• Material
• Quality
• Price
If price is the operative word here, consider creative shopping options to make sure your bar stools are cheap, attractive, and lasting.

1. Evaluate your style of home décor
Take a look at other furniture in the room where you plan to use your new cheap bar stools. Determine what kind of style would look best with your current surroundings. If you plan to change the style of your décor to better match your own personal taste, decide exactly what that style will be.

2. Height
Don’t guess here. Get out the old measuring tape, yard stick, or laser if you’re really technologically advanced. Believe it or not, the height of your bar stool is a relevant to its style. Consider the use of your bar stools. If they will be used at an actual bar, then of course the height of the bar is relevant. If they will be used at a table, the same is true. If your bar stools will be used in multiple locations, or if you plan a move in the near future, consider an adjustable stool. Otherwise, make sure the stool’s seat surface is 10 to 13 inches below the underside of the table or bar.

If your bar stools are intended to accentuate your home, look at the lines and surfaces of the room/rooms in which the bar stools will be used and determine a good height. Also take into consideration the need for safety. If children, the elderly, or disabled will be using the bar stools, make sure they are a safe height and very solid.

3. Material
If your bar stools will be used indoors, opt for a type of material that best matches your room surfaces. If your bar stools will be used outdoors, look for a durable, easy to clean material and stay away from fabric or even light plastic or vinyl seat covers. These kinds of materials are very susceptible to water and sun damage.

If you have a covered patio and a safe place to store them during the winter, you may have more options. Remember, the keyword here is “cheap.” Depending on how and where you shop for cheap bar stools, your budget may limit the type of materials used to make your bar stools.

Consider the makeup of your family. If you have young children, remember to look for services that are easily cleaned and maintained.

4. Quality
Cheap doesn’t have to mean trashy. Shop for the highest quality of stool you can find within your price range. Different styles, materials, and quality offer significant price variations. We’ll let you in on a little secret—WHERE you shop can be as important as WHAT you buy!

5. Price
Okay. You’re looking for cheap bar stools, but you have rather expensive tastes. Never fear. The thrill of the hunt can be as exciting as the thrill of buying your new cheap bar stools. Here are a few tips to help you find great deals.

a. Shop online auctions. Many great deals are available through online auctions. People frequently move, change their décor, need more space, and simply get tired of the same old style. Now’s your chance to nab some great pieces for a fraction of the cost you would pay for new goods.

b. Online discount stores. Many discount stores sell overstocked, and slightly damaged good. Slightly damaged could mean a small scratch in a high-quality piece of furniture, a small stain on fabric, and it could mean a broken stool leg or missing hardware. Make sure you know what you’re getting and how much shipping will cost.

c. Shop online and published personal ads for used furniture.

d. Frequent yard sales.

e. Be willing to repair, repaint, or recover cheap bar stools made of high quality materials.

f. Look in pawn shops.

g. Look for hotel and restaurant liquidation sales

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