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Wichita Homes For Sale - How to Buy Wichita Homes for Sale

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The City of Wichita houses 360,000 people, making it the largest city in the state of Kansas. According to the City of Wichita website, wichita.gov, of the 360,000 citizens, 11.4% are African-American, 9.6% Hispanic, and 4% Asian. Incorporated in 1870, Wichita is the leading producer of “general aviation and commercial aircraft” (http://www.wichita.gov/Residents/MovingHere/) and it is home to one of four historical districts and three archaeological sites. For more historical information about Wichita, visit the wichita.gov homepage and click on “Living in Wichita.”

To locate Wichita homes for sale, type in the search box of your Internet browser the following key words: “wichita homes for sale.” You will receive over 400,000 results from which to choose. Instead of analyzing whether to choose one site over the other, try the first one to see if the site offers what you need. With this in mind, click on the first result, trulia.com. Trulia.com is a real estate search engine that provides professional advice, lists homes for rent and homes for sale, and provides search options for other cities and states such as San Francisco, New York, Orlando, Los Angeles, Texas, California, and New Jersey, etc.

After clicking on the first result, trulia.com, a listing of for sale properties appears. On the left side of the website is a “Refine Search” section. To refine your search, change the minimum price to $100,000 and the maximum price to $350,000. Select “All Open Houses.” Select “Single-Family Home” under property type. Don’t change the options on the bedrooms, bathrooms, and square feet. You can either click on the button “Update” or just allow the website to produce the results each time you refine your search by clicking on a property type or other type of search item.

From the result, one listing begins at $133,000. It offers a three-bedroom, 2-bath, 1782 square-feet, single-family home. Highlight the listing. At the bottom of the listing, click on the “Compare” button. A click on this button requires you to pick two other locations. Click on any two that appear suitable. Or just pick the next two after the first listing. Once you have clicked a total of three listings, and you have clicked the button “Compare it!” a side by side comparison of three homes appears. The site provides a property summary of each home, a property description, and a map. You can either keep the three listings and continue to compare them, or remove one of the three, or remove all of the three and start another process. You may do this for the price range you originally chose and any other price range.

Once you have chosen the house you are interested in, from the side by side comparison section of the site, click the “Save” button. The site will prompt you to create an account in order to save the information. Enter your name, email address, password, location, and in the box enter “I am a home buyer.” Don’t forget to enter Wichita, KS in the city and state boxes! Press the “Create Account” button. You should receive the message “Saved” at the bottom of the house you want.

Now, click on the house. From here, the site provides pictures of the house, estimated monthly payment amount, the year it was built, nearby schools, the realtor company, and the date of the open house.

To find out more about mortgage lenders, click on the tab “Mortgage.” This will take you to “Mortgage Rates and Quotes.” On a $133,000 house, in the boxes, enter 20% as a down payment, $133,000 for the loan amount, fixed for the mortgage option, and 30-year fixed for the loan type. Click “Update.” Only one result appears: The Mortgage Company. Based upon the loan amounts a mortgage would be approximately $674. This may change. Check in about another week to see if the rate stays the same.

To find more information about The Mortgage Company, click on the link. A form will appear. Enter your name, email address, and contact phone number.

Under “Purpose of Loan,” enter “Purchase, property identified.” Under “Property Value,” enter $97,500. To obtain this information, go back to the information on the listing where you can see the following tabs: Home Facts, Photos, Map & Nearby, Mortgage, Comparables, Sales Trends, and Schools. On this page, scroll down to the section of the page titled “Property Taxes.” You will see that the the current value of the home is $97,500. Go back to The Mortgage Company window and for the loan program, enter FHA; and $133,000 in the “Loan amount you are looking for” box. Select “Not Sure” for credit. Put the street address of the property. In this case, it is 1715 North West Street, Wichita, KS 67203. Select “Single Family” and “Primary Residence” for the last two boxes. Enter the code and press the submit button. If an error occurs on the page, call the company. The number is listed on the site.

For more information about Wichita homes for sale, go to the following websites:

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