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Homes For Sale Phoenix Az - Find Homes for Sale in Phoenix Az

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During the present, many people are mulling over the idea of purchasing a home versus renting their housing. For these people, there are many things to consider such as the area where they want to buy, the way that area has been affected by the housing market, and what their mortgage payment will be if they do decide to buy. These are all legitimate concerns when looking for a house although one should keep in mind that according to many financial and mortgage experts, the present time may be one of the best possible times in the history of the United States to purchase a home. This is said to be based on the simple fact that the impending housing crisis has reduced the price of homes dramatically over the last three years. Also, the United States, as well as most of the world, has been going through a financial crisis, which has significantly lowered the interest rates that accompany the purchase of a home. For people in the Southwestern United States, one of the hottest markets is in the city of Phoenix, AZ.
One or Two Bedroom Homes in Phoenix AZ
For those looking for homes for sale in Phoenix AZ, there will be many options for everyone. For instance, those who have just found their first job or are looking to start a family may be searching for a home that is economical in price and upkeep. Two bedroom and one bathroom homes are considered the most economical with minimal upkeep and can allow those just starting off to begin building equity and leave the rental days behind. Two bedroom homes for sale in Phoenix AZ are perfect for those people in that situation and they should look at a home on Red Rock Lane. This two bedroom, one bathroom home features over 800 square feet to decorate and outfit with whatever the home owner wishes. The bathroom has a tile floor with a contemporary sink and newly renovated shower surround. The kitchen has been upgraded with recent appliances and has added new counter tops as an added incentive. The housing grounds have a nice fenced back yard for those with animals or children and is perfect for social gatherings for friends and family. All of these amenities can be negotiated starting out at less than $120,000, which is significantly cheaper than two bedroom homes five years ago in the same area.
Three Bedroom Homes
Three bedroom homes for sale in Phoenix AZ are many although these homes sales have picked up in the early part of 2010. Three bedroom homes for sale in Phoenix AZ are the most popular homes and have an average price starting out at $150,000. A home on Taos Lane may be perfect for those who need some extra space or are simply looking for an up-grade from their current home. The house has over 1200 square feet to live in with two bathrooms, which are located on each level of the home. The home has a master bedroom on the main level with its own full bathroom, which has a tiled shower and floors. The kitchen has modern appliances with many feet of cabinet space and counter tops. The upstairs bedrooms share one full bathroom that is accessed from the hallway. The home has both a front and back yard with a two car attached garage. The home is move-in ready and the current owners are ready to start the negotiations at the price of $163,500.
Luxury Homes for Sale in Phoenix AZ
If price is of no consequence and one is looking for luxury, a home on North Ridgeway Drive may have what you are looking for. Situated on the side of a mountain, the home has panoramic views of the famous Continental Mountains that surround the city of Phoenix. It sits on 2 acres and must be seen to be believed. Priced at just under $1.5 million, the home is nothing but the highest quality in custom construction that leaves one breathless with its continuous luxury and style.

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