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Sevilla Spain Hotels - Sevilla Spain Hotels Provide Luxury And More To Their Vacationing Guests

corral del rey hotel hotel amadeus

What are some fascinating but little known facts about the city of Sevilla, Spain?

For starters, movie directors flock to film their creations there because of its building collection featuring every style and historic period of time, including structures from the medieval era. Hollywood productions filmed in the area include ‘Lawrence Of Arabia,’ ‘Kingdom Of Heaven,’ and ‘Star Wars Episode Two: Attack Of The Clones.’

Those who are familiar with the Spanish food called tapas will be happy to know that this particular cuisine originated in Sevilla, Spain. Going out for these “little bites” has become such a way of life for residents and tourists alike that there are even vocabulary words used to describe the action! The process of going out for tapas is called “tapear.” The activity of eating tapas is known is “tapeo.” Last, the person who eats tapas is named a “tapeador.”

For individuals who are not aware, the legend stating that the remains of the fifteenth century explorer Christopher Columbus are buried within the boundaries of Sevilla is one that actually holds true. As was proven by a DNA test administered in 2006 to said remains held in the Sevilla Cathedral, it was indeed Columbus who was situated within the grave.

If scouting out these fascinating bits of history sounds like the vacation to take, there are many beautiful Sevilla Spain hotels where one can book their stay.

AlmaSevilla – Hotel Palacio de Villapanes

Known for its attentive staff that strives to make a traveler’s stay as comfortable as possible, most everyone who has stayed in the Hotel Palacio de Villapanes all pointed out this phenomena when reviewing the premises. Previous guests have cited being graced with a chilled beverage upon their arrival, and a free room upgrade when they checked in. In addition, a prevalent theme running through the review commentary was the praise the fancy rooms received from the tourists who have stayed within the hotel’s walls.
A five star resort costing between $170 and $382 per night depending on the room reserved, the Hotel Palacio de Villapanes also offers the perfect opportunity to exercise as a traveler makes the fifteen minute walk into the city’s main hub.

Service with a smile, a variety of amenities, and a good location to top it off make this the place to stay when visiting Sevilla!

Corral Del Rey Hotel

One of the Sevilla Spain hotels known for its location in the old quarter of the city, the Corral Del Rey Hotel is additionally able to boast about the unbeatable customer service its staff provides to the visitors. Also adding to the list is the quality of hotel rooms available to the tourists, which include big comfortable beds, down comforters, large bathrooms, and a building that is guest friendly and easy to navigate when it comes to finding one’s room when first arriving. As one reviewer so succinctly put it, “this is one terrific little gem of a hotel!”

Prices for this resort rest close to the four hundred dollar range for a nightly stay. Those who choose to bunk at this hotel will find that they are only a three minute walk from the Sevilla Cathedral. Guests who feel like staying within the hotel are able to enjoy the artwork on the walls, or taking a meal on the outside terrace such as a breakfast which includes freshly squeezed orange juice.

Hotel Amadeus

Listed as number two on the list of hotels to stay in when traveling through Sevilla, Spain, the Hotel Amadeus is like all the others with its top notch customer service and luxurious rooms for its guests. This hotel is located in a building that was once a family house, and features music playing everywhere for the enjoyment of those who stay there. Each room is also distinctive in its own right, with one featuring a freestanding bathtub and bed under a high ceiling, and a room with a terrace a few steps up that gives views of the Sevilla Cathedral and beyond.

No matter which of these three Sevilla Spain hotels a tourist chooses to stay at, the experience will be a good one that will also provide wonderful vacation memories.

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