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Monument Valley Hotels - The Best Reasons To Stay At Monument Valley Hotels

navajo eye mesa scattered

Monument Valley is one of the most breathtaking places in the world, with unique natural sandstone monuments scattered throughout the beautiful desert landscape. Visitors to this area generally come for the peaceful setting, the lovely scenery, and to see the amazing architecture of Mother Nature on display. The owners of the Monument Valley hotels understand these desires and design their hotels to complement the graceful formations and lush mesas that abound in the area.

Many people believe that the best Monument Valley hotels are the ones where the traveler does not have to travel far to view the fantastic sandstone buttes that the region is known for. These towering sculptures rise out of the mesa in odd intervals, as if they were scattered by some gigantic hand. With the largest reaching around 1,000 feet above the valley floor, there are many areas around Monument Valley where these vivid red buttes can be viewed.

The most unique of the Monument Valley hotels happens to be the only one located within Monument Valley on the Navajo reservation. This hotel, with its attractive Navajo styling and family friendly features, is colored to match the mesa and is nearly invisible to the eye if more than a few miles away. The interior is decorated with Navajo rugs, plate glass walls, and an immense atrium that is centered around an enormous stone fireplace. A multi-level deck on the exterior of the hotel allows visitors to overlook the valley in comfort and style.

The famed Eye Of The Sun stone structure is a must see if you are staying in one of the Monument Valley hotels. Other tourist locations around the area include the area featured in the Clint Eastwood movie “The Eiger Sanction”, the “Mittens”, and the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. There are parts of Monument Valley that can only be accessed by guided tour, such as Hunt’s Valley and Mystery Valley, and the service desks at the Monument Valley hotels will have all of the information that you will need to book one of these distinctive tours.

Hot air balloon flights and small aircraft flights may be available for seeing the valley with a bird’s eye view. The staff members at the Monument Valley hotels will also be able to help you with horseback excursions, hiking tours, and day trips to all of the attractions in the surrounding areas. Monument Valley is known for being one of the premiere travel destinations in the nation and a large part of the reason why is the quality of the Monument Valley hotels.

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