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Ssh Client Windows - The Usefulness of SSH

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It is quite possible to find yourself on the road and needing access to files that you have stored on another machine, say your work computer. This is an example of one use case in which an SSH server might be useful.

SSH stands for Secure Shell. An SSH server allows you to dial in to a remote computer’s console and, if configured correctly, to get a full graphical user interface. It is frequently used on Linux severs to administer screenless computers but applications are available for every major operating system. Setting up a Windows SSH server can help you make sure your data is available wherever you are while not having to worry about data security. Another common use is to provide secure access to the internet, with the remote machine acting as the internet connection. This is useful if you are handling private information while on a public network where you are afraid that someone may sniff your packets.

Commonly used Windows SSH servers include OpenSSH, FreeSSHd and VShell. However there are far more than those three available, each with different sets of features and licenses. Once you have selected a server you need software to access your server. On Windows the de facto standard application used is Putty. Putty is a mature stable program with a large feature set there when you need it. If you are accessing your remote machine with Mac or Linux you have a built in SSH client.

One of the common uses of SSH is for a remote desktop. This requires an additional level of technology on top of SSH. RDP is frequently used on Windows machines. RDP unsurprisingly stands for Remote Desktop Protocol. while the server used for command line interaction can most likely be used for your remote desktop, using Windows remote desktop client is recommended. Putty is capable of doing it too, though. It is possible to do remote desktop without forest establishing an SSH tunnel but it is not recommended because SSH can easily be encrypted to provide security to your interaction. The same encryption that can make your remote desktop connection secure can also secure your internet traffic easily. After setting your server to allow for sharing internet, it is as ready as changing a setting in your SSH client and routing your internet traffic through the servers proxy address. Directions for doing ask these things are readily available to anyone willing to do a search for how to do them.

Setting up a Windows SSH server can help make your travel life easier and keep your private information private. Of you travel plenty or just need to

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