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Japanese Online Dictionary - How to Translate English to Japanese using Online Tools

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With Japan being a major partner to both the United States and Europe in terms of commerce, education, and worldwide entertainment, it can behoove both companies and individuals to be able to do a rough translation of English-based materials for the Japanese market. Although the best translation will come from a professional translator fluent in both languages, a serviceable rough tranlation can often be achieved using online tools such as an English to Japanese dictionary. Although dictionaries cannot always let the naive user make prose that sounds fully natural in the resulting language, knowing the meanings of the key words, especially if the context is already established, can often be sufficient to communicate basic meaning and allow interactions to begin without incurring significant costs.

Major free online services, such as Google Translate or Yahoo! Babelfish are available to give complete automated translation services, which attempt to address grammatical and syntax issues as well as vocabulary, without involving a human translator. Some of these services also offer romanized (done with English letters) versions of the translation as well as the kana (Japanese syllabic writing) translations. Romanized translations are much easier for a non-Japanese speaker to use if they are using the online translation to communicate verbally, or if the Japanese results need to be typed via a computer interface which does not allow Japanese character input directly.

When choosing a word by word Japanese online dictionary for translations from English, be careful not to choose one that focuses on translations using kanji characters, which are modified versions of Chinese characters and which are not pronounced phonetically, as these are harder to use for a non-Japanese speaker, or even a speaker not familiar with kanji writing. Of course, if you need to use a Japanese online dictionary to translate from Japanese back to English, you will need one that translates from the system in which the original text is provided. In native Japanese print text, a mix of characters are normally used: kanji for nouns and verb roots, and hiragana (a version of kana) for grammatical particles and inflections. Another version of kana called katakana is used for foreign import words. Kanji can also be strung together to make compound words that may not seem that related to the source words to an English speaker!

Many free simple English to Japanese online dictionaries are offered on the web by companies that also do professional translation, and by foundations focused on communication between the peoples of hte world. Although it is not a wise idea to use these to build contracts or make financial deals, for the purposes of baisc communication, they can usually be sufficient. In addition, computer-based translations can often be kind of funny to a native speaker, and the resultant humor can sometimes actually serve as an icebreaker in difficult conversations if all of the involved parties have a postivie attitude.

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