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Frontline Flea Tick - Frontline Flea and Tick

fleas ticks pet’s pet

Fleas and ticks can cause all kinds of problems for your pet. Fleas can cause diseases such as Flea Allergy Dermatitis, Anemia, Tapeworm, or Rickettsiosis. Ticks are known to cause Lyme disease, Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis, and other diseases. Some of these diseases can even be passed on to humans. Pets can acquire fleas and ticks from any number of places, but especially when playing outside during the hot summer months, when these creatures are most common. Fleas and ticks can grow rapidly in number, laying eggs on your pet’s skin and multiplying. There are ways to manage flea and tick problems, however. Frontline Flea and Tick has been recognized by numerous veterinarians as the perfect, long-lasting solution for flea and tick problems for pet owners.

For pet owners worried about fleas and ticks attacking their pets, Frontline Flea and Tick is the perfect solution. Applied monthly directly onto the pet’s skin, Frontline Flea and Tick has been approved by veterinarians as highly effective at preventing fleas and ticks from getting to your pet. Frontline products have been designed to fit all needs, including puppies and kittens, and pregnant or nursing pets. For this reason, Frontline Flea and Tick is the way to go for any pet owners worried about fleas or ticks.

To apply Frontline Flea and Tick treatment to your pet, there are several important things to know. Frontline comes in a small, plastic container that is designed to be childproof. This will prevent any small children from accidentally ingesting this solution. In order to apply Frontline, you must open this container and snap the tip of the applicator off first. Then, clear an area of your pet’s skin between the shoulder blades and apply all of the solution onto a single spot. This is the area in which the solution will enter into your pet’s oil glands, beginning the cycle of circulation that will kill fleas and ticks all over your pet’s body.

Frontline is effective for a number of reasons. First of all, it is a long-lasting product. The fipronil, the active ingredient in Frontline products, is applied to your pet’s skin and enters into the oil glands underneath your pet’s skin. This allows the fipronil to be recycled through oil released in the fur, continuously killing fleas and ticks. This cycle also stops fleas and ticks from being able to lay eggs in your pet’s skin, stopping your flea and tick problem from the very beginning. Frontline products are also waterproof, and remain effective even after your pet has had a bath or has been swimming. Frontline Flea and Tick products are used monthly, and during that time the life cycle of fleas and ticks is halted. New applications should be used each month for your pet.

Frontline is also a fast-acting treatment for fleas and ticks. After the solution has been applied to your pet’s skin, it takes only twelve hours or less for the treatment to become effective. From the moment you apply the solution, Frontline begins to enter into your pet’s oil glands and starts eliminating fleas and ticks. This treatment is highly effective, and has been rated the best product on the market for killing fleas and ticks. Most treatments kill either fleas or ticks, or can sometimes be harmful to young puppies, kittens, or nursing pets. However, Frontline Flea and Tick has all the advantages of safety, while still being able to kill both fleas and ticks from the very beginning stages of life. Your pet will be safe when you choose to use Frontline Flea and Tick as your product of choice for eliminating fleas and ticks.

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