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Customer Service Videos - Investing in Customer Service Videos is a Wise Choice For Any Business

training representative department representatives

A grave error that many business owners often make is not investing the time and money into the training of their customer service representatives. Quite often, it is the customer service representative who has the first contact with prospective customers. Should your business representative fail to be knowledgeable, professional, and helpful, this prospective customer will take their business elsewhere. For this reason, you may want to incorporate the use of customer service videos into the training program you have set up for this department.

Before you do rush out and purchase customer service videos for your business, you must first be aware of the issues and concerns in the department. Take some time to sit down with the manager to discuss any customer complaints that have been received and how your manager has handled them. Many businesses often find it beneficial to send out feedback forms to their customers or designate one employee for customer survey calls.

You will also want to ask specifically about any issues that may have been taking place with the representatives. If the department has a high turnover rate or problems with absenteeism, this could be a sign that the calls coming in are stressful. Instead of complaining about their job, many employees find it easier to take a personal day to themselves as a way of dealing with the anxiety and tension they feel at work.

Once you have determined the needs of the department, you can then start searching for customer service videos that can help you to focus on the issues. Many of them will be designed for specific circumstances, such as dealing with the unhappy customer that nothing pleases to the customer that likes to do nothing more than hear themselves talk. In both these cases, you will be happy to know that videos can be purchased to address the problems in a professional manner and, yet, they are done with humor to keep your representatives interested.

One of the main mistakes that a business often makes is not offering continuing training to the representatives. Usually, a business spends the first two weeks to a month training their employees to handle the job as a customer service representative. This training includes learning the required software, product knowledge, and options they can offer to the customer. Many businesses, however, fail to offer the more personal aspects of the job. How a representative talks to a customer is going to affect the business. By offering continued training and support to your representatives with the use of customer service videos, you can give them the tools they need to do the job right, but more importantly, to do it well.

It has been said that being a customer service representative is one of the most difficult jobs one can take in a business. Knowing that they are taking the brunt of upset callers, you must be sure they have everything they need to handle the calls. Customer service videos can give them the knowledge of how to handle a variety of situations and do it a way that makes your company look good in the eyes of the customer. If you are going to invest in any area of your company, it should be your customer service department.

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