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Audio Books Downloadable - 5 Places to Buy or Rent Downloadable Audio Books Online

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Audio books are great to listen to on long drives, while doing chores, or simply while relaxing. With the continual growth of personal audio player technology, audio books need no longer be restricted to CD or cassette. The Internet offers a wealth of places where audio books can be rented or purchased as downloads to listen to on a computer, MP3 player, or iPod.

Audible is a membership-based site with over 75,000 titles available. Different membership plans are offered based on user’s listening style. Listeners can choose plans offering one or two credits a month, with one credit being equal to one audio title, or choose to pay for 12 to 24 credits all at once. Credits roll over for up to six months, allowing listeners to go at their own pace. Many popular audio devices are supported, and titles may also be enjoyed from a user’s computer or burned to CD.

Simply Audiobooks
Simply Audiobooks offers both audio book CD rentals and downloads. Their Download Club gives members access to over 10,000 titles, some of which are DRM-free and can be burned to CD. Members can choose to pay monthly or annually and downloaded books never expire. Available audio book titles are updated daily, so members always have something new to choose from.

The AudioBookWorm rental service allows users to rent audio book titles for 14 days to listen to on their computers or personal audio devices. Plans offering one or two downloads per month are available. If users prefer to rent audio titles on CD, all CD rental plans come with one or two bonus digital downloads per month. Digital titles are DRM-protected, but the same title may be rented more than once if a user is unable to finish it in the two-week time frame.

The Audio Books Store
The Audio Books Store is an extension of Audible.com, offering both memberships and the ability to purchase and download individual audio books. Both individual books and plans start at $7.49, giving listeners big savings over retail prices. A one-time software download is required, which allows listeners to manage their purchased titles, including burning books to CD. The Audio Books Store also offers discounts on audio book downloads that members may wish to purchase above and beyond their monthly allowance.

For those who prefer a quick audio book download without the commitment of a membership, there’s AudioBooksCorner. This site offers a wide selection of books from a variety of publishers, including some free titles. No download software is necessary. All purchases and downloads are 100% legal, and DRM-free titles may be burned to CD for easier listening in car stereos or personal stereo systems. The store also has a monthly newsletter with sale announcements and more for interested listeners.

Downloading audio books is more convenient than renting books on CD, and cheaper than buying hard copies. Many rental services offer discounted plans, bonus credits, and title discounts. Once downloaded, audio books may be transferred to any number of popular personal audio devices, making for a quick, easy way to try out new books and revisit old favorites.

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over 5 years ago

Great review of where you can rent audiobooks. They've become so popular over the last few years. What we hear is that it's all about convenience - people can listen to audiobooks essentially anywhere - traveling, driving, doing housework, etc. The ability to multi-task while listening makes audiobooks a great alternative to traditional books. I'd like to add http://www.onthegobooks.com/ as another option for renting books online. Thanks!