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Stainless Steel Range Hoods - Stainless Steel Range Hoods 101

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The kitchen has always been and still is the heart of the home for many families. Appliances and design of the kitchen should be functional, efficient and bring a sense of home. An important appliance that is sometimes overlooked is the range hood.

What Does A Range Hood Do?

Stainless steel range hoods not only look great in the kitchen, but they provide a specific, necessary service. In removing smoke, heat, steam and cooking odors, kitchens are kept cleaner and cooler. Not to mention the house does not smell like last night’s fish dinner. Depending on the type of range hood ventilation, it may even remove humidity from the kitchen.

What To Look For When Buying A Range Hood

When shopping for a stainless steel range hood to put in the kitchen, there are several things to think about before going to the stores. First of all, there are variations in sizes to take into consideration. Stainless steel range hoods can be small slide-in range hoods that are practically invisible when not being used; they can be wall-mounted models even up to island chimney types that are just about as big as the range itself. These over-sized range hoods become a great focal point for the kitchen. It is important to take the size of the range and kitchen space into account when planning to buy a new range hood. The size of the range and how much time is spent using it are other details that help in the decision as to what type of stainless steel range hood would suit the kitchen best.

The variations in stainless steel range hoods also extend to the prices. Prices can vary from $300 to $3000, depending largely on what features and aesthetics are desired by the consumer. Typically the prices are a sign of installation type and aesthetics more than anything else. Performance can vary between models, but it is easy to find a good, working range hood that fits the budget. Additional features such as fan speeds, noise quietness and special lighting drive up the cost, but usually the main differences in a lower cost model and a higher cost model are cosmetic.

Vent systems are another point to consider when buying a stainless steel range hood. These vent systems are either external or recirculating. With recirculating, the fan inside the range hood takes the air from the kitchen and circulates it through a filter, cleaning the air and then circulating it back out into the house. Range hoods with external vent systems vent the air outside of the house using vertical or horizontal ducts. The external vent system is ideal in that the air is removed from the home, allowing for that humidity to escape as well as the heat and odors.

Once the questions of what size range hood will work in the kitchen, what style with which desired features and where in the kitchen it will be placed, then it is time to go out and purchase the ideal range hood for the kitchen.

Tips And Tricks

Look for good lighting in the prospective range hood before you buy. Lack of quality and bright lighting is often a consumer complaint with stainless steel range hoods. Remember that halogen lighting is often brighter than both fluorescent and incandescent.

An appealing wall-mounted or island chimney stainless steel range hood is a good investment in the home. Home buyers focus on kitchens more than any room in the house. Making a quality, attractive focal point with the range hood can increase the value of the home.

Perhaps the most important tip of all is to use the range hood. If the noise factor has been taken into consideration, it should not be a factor preventing the range hood from being used during cooking. Using the fan on the range hood eliminates air quality issues and damage to the other appliances and cabinets in the kitchen.

When chosen with care and consideration to all the possible features, a quality stainless steel range hood can be a pleasure to use and a great investment.

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