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How To Grow Facial Hair - Useful Advice for Growing Facial Hair


For many men, growing a thick set of facial hair is an important part of their appearance. While growing facial hair is usually most defined by genetics, there are a few things that might possibly stimulate more hair growth. Most women like a man with a beard or a mustache, and in many cases both. When Dos Equis was putting together their “Most Interesting Man in the World” ads, they did extensive research on what women found attractive in a man, and one of the common threads was a full beard. A beard signifies manliness, virility, and strength. Therefore, their “Most Interesting Man in the World” had, among other things, visions of him doing interesting things, a sexy accent, and a full, well-trimmed beard.

So what can a man do to grow a bigger, more prodigious set of facial hair? Whether he wants to have a prominent mustache, a chin goatee, or a full beard, many men struggle with their genetics; their facial hair just doesn’t grow that well, or that quickly. So what is a hairless man to do in this circumstance? Surely there are some things he can do to stimulate proper facial hair growth.

Truth be told, there are things that a man can do to get his facial hair growing in at a more prominent rate and thickness. The first and most important thing is to stay healthy and to take good care of his body. Good hair growth (as well as many other body functions) are maintained by a healthy diet. This, for hair, might include Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and various B vitamins, as well as biotin. A healthy diet not only helps with facial and head hair growth, however. A good dose and variety of vitamins helps make sure his body is in good shape overall, which is helpful no matter how he looks at it.

The next step a man might be able to take to stimulate proper hair growth is also part of taking care of his body. It is important to get plenty of sleep. The body appreciates a healthy amount of rest, and it is an important part of taking care of the body. Just like many of the other steps a man can take to increase his facial hair growth, this step has to do with taking care of his body in general. The man who pays attention to his overall body well-being is more likely to see stimulated hair growth on his face (and his head)!


Of course, that does not mean a man should stress to grow more hair, quite the opposite. Stress is one of the worst things for the man who wants to stimulate healthy facial hair growth. So in order to limit stress, the health conscious man must make sure to get plenty of exercise and relaxation; stress is one of the big killers for a man’s health, and that includes his facial hair growth. The smart man has to make sure stress, whether it come form job, family, or other sources does not impair him.

The last step is a bit more of a direct aid to facial hair growth, rather than taking care of the body as a whole. A man who wants to stimulate proper facial hair growth must make sure his face remains clean, exfoliated, and in good shape. The occasional steam bath will also help, by opening the face’s pores in order to get more air and nutrients into them, stimulating more hair growth. Moisturizer helps keep the skin soft and healthy; if the skin is dry and flaky, it becomes significantly more difficult for hair to grow.

Contrary to the old wives’ tail, shaving does not increase the amount of hair that grows back. However, that does not mean that facial hair should not be trimmed and kept in good form. Really, the most important thing that a man can remember if he’s trying to grow in a significant amount of hair is that there isn’t any cure-all for a thin beard or slow hair growth. Most of it is based on genetics; all a man can do is encourage hair growth as best he can.

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about 7 years ago

WoW Interesting people thanks for the help. I didn't know all this about facial hair. Personally I thought facial heir only grew due to stress but i guess i thought wrong ALL THIS TIME and its ashame. Thats what i'm going to have to work on and thats my stress level especially since stress is one of the major killers for a man's health and for him to grow more facial hair. Besides, i'm so sick of stressing anyways because i never get anywhere as my life passes me by through the minutes and hours. Screw stress, i want my facial hair LOL.