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Simmons Backcare Mattress - The History of Simmons and the Simmons BackCare Mattress

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Anyone shopping for a mattress knows that using the wrong one can cause endless back pain and other problems. This is why the Simmons BackCare mattress series is a most popular way to sleep. Simmons’ BackCare brand of mattresses offer comfortable sleeping and waking while maintaining good back health. In many cases, this mattress line can eliminate back pain altogether, even in children.

The Simmons mattress manufacturer got its start in 1870 in Wisconsin when Zalmon G. Simmons opened his first factory, but not for mattress manufacturing, but instead to manufacture insulators made of wood and cheese boxes. The change form manufacturing the insulators and boxes to mattresses to came in 1876 when Mr. Simmons decided that manufacturing mattresses using woven wire would be a better investment.

In 1889, Mr. Simmons introduced mass produced coil springs and lowered the price of mattresses to $0.95 down from $12. Since that time, the Simmons Mattress Company has gone through numerous changes, which include the opening of a service station that served the nation, from which retailers everywhere could carry the Simmons mattresses and deliver within 24 hours to customers.

The time line of Simmons mattresses includes the beginnings of the Simmons BeautyRest brand in 1925 that took the Pocketed Coils made by the Pocketed Coil machine and used them in it. Eleanor Roosevelt advertised this mattress until the 1930’s for Simmons and the BeautyRest brand is currently one of the most popular mattresses today. This popularity brought about the very first sleep studies done, which in turn helped to open the Simmons Research Center in 1975. In 1995, Simmons moved to the development of the BackCare line of Simmons mattresses.

The Simmons BackCare line of mattresses comes in all sizes, including those for kids. These mattresses are made with a gel-like substance they call the Technogel system. This system helps the mattress conform to the body while sleeping and helps keep the spine aligned properly, reducing back pain. The ability of the BackCare mattress to keep still while someone else is moving is also a popular selling point, as illustrated in the ads released at the same time. These ads used the “bowling ball” technique to show how on a BackCare mattress by Simmons a person sleeping remains asleep while their partner moves around in their sleep.

When a person sleeps on a regular inner spring mattress, the springs can poke and bend, creating pressure points and soft spots that can injure the back in addition to making the person feel as if they need a new back when they awake, if they get any sleep at all. The Simmons BackCare line can relieve the pressure on the back’s pressure points while sleeping. These pressure points are the most common cause of back pain and interrupted sleep, aside from a partner who tosses and turns while sleeping.

Main benefits of using a Simmons BackCare mattress include just the right firmness and support where the back needs it most. For example, the “3-2-1 Design” offers three comfort areas in the lower legs, hips and shoulder areas and two support areas for the thighs and back. Studies conducted in 2004 show that those who used a BackCare mattress slept better 92 percent of the time, thus proving the comfort of the BackCare mattress is real.

Simmons BackCare offers two types of mattresses including the Lumbar Cradle with a Titanium Band and the Contour Fit, which uses pocketed springs. The Lumbar Cradle design offers the added benefit of titanium and stainless steel wires, which are interwoven with the fiber and foam to create complete support for the spine. The Contour Fit with the Pocketed Coils offers the added benefit of contouring to the body while sleeping and the firm seating edge of the double edge support springs, which offers excellent durability as well.

No matter which Simmons BackCare mattress a consumer chooses, they can rest assured they will get a better night’s sleep while keeping their back healthier than ever before. The independent studies prove that the Simmons BackCare mattress is a cut above the rest, even when it comes to a child’s mattress.

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