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San Antonio Lodging - Choosing San Antonio Lodging to Meet Traveling Needs

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When visiting San Antonio, lodging is of prime concern. The city has plenty of choices to suit a budget and to provide convenient access to all that the city has to offer. Travelers can choose from franchises, family owned businesses, historic lodging, modern facilities, resorts, and bed and breakfast homes. Some cater to families, while others tend to serve more business oriented customers. In addition to these, there are several other factors to consider when choosing San Antonio lodging.

One of the most important considerations for choosing San Antonio lodging is the time of year. There are certain events that always ensure rooms sell out. For instance, April’s Fiesta celebration is one of the largest in Texas, and all San Antonio lodging is booked as a result. San Antonio is home to the Spurs NBA basketball team, so rooms are sure to be scarce when the team plays home games. The city often hosts large business conventions, so this can effect room availability. It is best to book San Antonio lodging as soon as possible. Six months in advance is adequate for travel during Fiesta.

Location is everything to business, and also to travelers. Most San Antonio lodging is cloistered together at several key locations. The downtown area is where most San Antonio lodging may be found. Other lodging can be found near the Northwest area’s Medical Center, busy Interstate 35, and the San Antonio International Airport near the 410 loop. Both of these are also near theme parks such as Six Flags Fiesta.

The price for San Antonio lodging is directly related to the time of year and location. Expect downtown locations to be very expensive, especially River Walk properties. Rates during April’s Fiesta are the highest. The more moderately and budget priced chains are the airport and Medical Center locations. Services provided by the property also effect the price. As such, one must consider the entire package before finally deciding upon a final choice for San Antonio Lodging. With these considerations, several specific options should be mentioned.

For the Budget conscience, Best Western Sunset Suites may offer the best value for San Antonio lodging. Located at the River Walk’s Saint Paul Square, it offers access to The Alamo, the Alamo Dome, and Convention Center. The building is modern, but incorporated into a nineteenth century building, giving it a unique and historic ambiance. The room rates are attractive, plus there are plenty of complimentary extras included.

Families will love the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa. It is a luxury hotel, but provides all of the amenities and extras expected from these properties. It has an amazing setting as it is located on land that was once a ranch. Right by Sea World, it is perfect for the family to get away. It boasts a recreated Texas river, the Ramblin’ River. There is a spa, a golf course, and a Kids Club. The rooms are huge and like a home away from home.

History lovers will adore the Menger Hotel. Opened in 1859, is one of the most revered San Antonio lodging properties. It is located right beside the Alamo and has had guests like U.S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, William Tecumseh Sherman, Oscar Wilde, and Rock Hudson. The hotel has incorporated the old building with newer facilities. Guests can stay in rooms decorated in Victorian fashion, if it is requested. This Hotel also claims to be home to no less than 32 ghosts. Guest will also enjoy the largest downtown San Antonio swimming pool and the hotel’s luxurious spa.

Those away on business will appreciate all that the O’Brien Historic Hotel has to offer. It is located right by the convention center. It is known for providing luxury and personalized service at attractive rates. It provides many services preferred by business travelers such as Wi-Fi, coffee, laundry, work stations, and has an on site exercise center.

These are just a few of the best San Antonio lodging choices. However, as long as a person keeps in mind the time of year and location, he or she should have no problem booking a great room at a great price.

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