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Mens Slip On Shoes - Men's Slip on Shoes

business casual athletic sneakers sandals

The various types of shoes for men are often overlooked. For this reason, many men do not realize that they too can have the comfort and ease of slip on shoes that women and children receive. Of course, this would not be quite the generous offer if they did not come with that manly touch that is necessary for them to become excited over footwear. Here are some of the more popular varieties of men’s slip on shoes.

Business Casual

This type of slip on is based on the design of the loafer. Loafers began to disappear gradually off the scene as more professional tying shoes became commonplace. This is a shame due to the fact that loafers were far more comfortable. The slip on variation resembles the shape, but cuts out the frills and designs that are generally associated with the loafer. While it is ideal for Casual Fridays or a Sunday brunch, they do not work well with a high end suit.


The athletic slip on shoes for men are as comfortable as they sound, but this is not why they were designed. They have an inspiration of safety. Tripping over one’s own laces may be funny in the movies, but it can cause serious damage when someone is sprinting. Even worse disasters may arise if a show comes untied while backing. Slip on athletic shoes swap laces for a series of elastic ties across the front. With a bit of tugging, the foot can slide in, but does not slide out very easily. The athlete inside does not have to worry about his footwear causing his game to drop. Instead, he can focus on the real dangers that may lie ahead of him on the track or field.


The younger crowd of men often enjoy the slip on sneakers. Again, they have the shape of loafer, but they are made of a canvas-like material that resembles a sneaker. What is appealing about this variety is that the canvas-like material acts as a true canvas of an artist. These shoes often have a wild or vibrant print making the shoes a fashion statement instead of just a necessary accessory.


Sandals are no longer just for women. Slips on sandals allow men’s feet to breathe and enjoy the summer. The most basic style is to simply have a wide band stretch across the sole of the shoe. It is perfect for slipping on to run an errand or to run down to the mailbox. Flip flops are also become a more suitable shoe for men to wear. However, they are often still delegated as beach wear for the male half of the population. The last style of slip on sandals for men are the more rugged and durable kind that have a back strap as well. They hug the feet more closely and tend to have sturdier soles. Men prefer them for light yard work or going to a baseball game when they want the joys of breathable shoes without the uneasiness of floppy sandal. The only downside to men’s sandals is that they have not reached a level of professionalism. Whereas a woman could get away with wearing strappy sandals to the office, her male counterpart could not.

The variety of slip on shoes available to men has grown exponentially in the past several decades. It would not be surprising if the fashion continues to change, allowing men to wear them in situations where they are currently deemed inappropriate.

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