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Carpet Cleaning Truck Mount - Masters of Extraction

portable model unit power

If you live in a fully or partially carpeted house or apartment, maintaining its cleanliness is a constant. If you have children and/or pets, the task can become even more difficult. Carpet cleaning truck mounts are the most effective way to remove stains and odors and keep them from reappearing for a longer period of time. A carpet cleaning truck mount is a high powered machine that is capable of steam cleaning virtually all types of carpets (plush, industrial, Berber), but also area rugs, throw rugs, sofas, and automobile/motor home interiors (upholstery).

The carpet cleaning truck mount has many advantages when compared to portable carpet cleaning machines. The portable machine has to be plugged in and moved frequently in order to clean an average sized dwelling. The carpet cleaning truck mount operates on its own power and can cover up to two hundred feet without having to be moved at all. Portable machines can also be cumbersome to use in narrow areas. These machines can inadvertently bump into and scratch expensive furniture, whereas the carpet cleaning truck mount reduces that risk. The mounted unit stays outside in the vehicle, which dramatically reduces unwanted noise. The portable model, whether equipped with one vacuum motor or two, emits quite a bit of noise for the duration of the job.

In terms of suction, most truck mount units are capable of producing 800-1200 psi (pounds/square inch). The most powerful portable models are able to produce approximately 120 psi, which means that the carpet will dry considerably faster when using the carpet cleaning truck mount. With the increase of suction, more water and dirt can be extracted from the base of the carpet fibers where concentrated dirt can build up and cause odors.

The truck mount carpet cleaning device comes with its own water temperature control, which means that the water dispensed from the unit will remain at a desired temperature (usually hotter). This method produces a more uniform and deeper cleaning, especially in heavily trafficked areas that, over extended periods of time, can appear unsightly.

Carpet cleaning truck mount machines are not only used to service carpets; they can also be used to clean most anything that contains fabric. Instead of using the wand, a miniature sized upholstery tool is applied to sofas and chairs with accuracy. Area rugs often require special treatment (lukewarm water), which is when the temperature setting comes in handy. Cars and motor homes can be cleaned quickly and efficiently by using the upholstery tool as well, even in those hard-to-reach areas.

Most commonly there are two different types of carpet cleaning truck mount models. One unit operates independently and the other gets its power from the vehicle’s engine.

The slide-in model is a gas powered (some models require propane), four cylinder engine and can be mounted to more than one type of vehicle or trailer. The slide-in model functions on its own without needing an external power source. This model is bulkier than the van-powered truck mount that fits inside a van or parcel vehicle. These particular models draw power from the vehicle itself, using a belt drive to generate force to the unit.

Both types of carpet cleaning truck mounts are effective in getting the job done. The slide-in is less expensive, but takes up more room and requires more maintenance. The van-powered is more reliable and easier to operate, yet it costs more and consumes more gas. Whether hiring someone for the job or shopping for a carpet cleaning truck mount machine, preference is often the key to making a purchase.

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