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Georgetown Homes For Sale - If You Want a Peaceful Lifestyle, Look Into Georgetown Homes For Sale

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When people hear the name Georgetown, they often think of the school in Washington D.C. Georgetown has a beautiful campus and is often visited by tourists. However, there is another Georgetown in the United States that is just as beautiful, if not more so. It would be difficult to compare the two because they’re in completely different areas. Washington D.C. is a place of hustle and bustle. Georgetown, Texas is the opposite.

Consider the population of Georgetown, Texas, which is only around 30,000. And like most cities in Texas, it has plenty of land. This leads to very little traffic, a peaceful environment, low crime rates, and an overall old town feel. It’s the perfect place to start a family or to retire. Recently, more young couples have been moving in to take advantage of the lifestyle and school system for their kids. But Georgetown has long been known as one of the premier retirement communities in Texas. This makes for a nice balance. As far as demographics go, approximately 85% of the population is white, about 3% is African American, and the remaining 12% is made up of other races. The weather in Georgetown is for those who like the heat. Temperatures can reach 100 degrees in the summer on a consistent basis. The winters are very pleasant, with temperatures rarely falling below 50 degrees. Snow is extremely rare. If any type of weather disturbance occurs in the winter, it will be an ice storm, but these are also rare. If this sounds like it might be the place for you, consider the following information regarding homes for sale in Georgetown.

As is the case with most cities, the zip code you’re looking in will determine the price of the home. This is based on location in regards to convenience, crime, and the overall values of the neighboring homes. If you’re looking for new construction homes in Georgetown, your best bet will be to look in zip code 78628. The average home here will have 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 3,000 square feet, and sell for around $280,000. If you’re looking for luxury homes in Georgetown, consider zip code 78633. The homes here have a classic Texas style – beautiful architecture + plenty of land. The average home will have 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and 3,000 square feet. Expect these Georgetown homes to sell for around $450,000. If you want to pay cheaper prices and are more concerned about living in Georgetown than the size and extravagance of your home, consider zip codes 78026 and 78628. The average home here will have 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 2,500 square feet. The average selling price for these Georgetown homes will be about $230,000, but you can find some for as low as $150,000. Most of the homes in this area are a cookie-cutter style. This might not be as desirable to some, but it’s where many of the younger families are moving.

There are many private communities in Georgetown. Due to the large amount of land available, these communities will offer many amenities, including 24-hour fitness centers and expansive outdoor pools. If you’re concerned about things to do in Georgetown, there are a few options. In the summer, a popular activity is to go down to the north fork of the San Gabriel River, where you can eat lunch and go for an afternoon swim. This area is called Blue Hole Park. The Inner Space Cavern is by far the biggest tourist attraction in town. It draws many people from around the state, and even some from out of state. If you enjoy shopping, go to The Square in Downtown Georgetown. Other notable facts about Georgetown are that Nolan Ryan is a resident and Varsity Blues was filmed here.

If you want more information on Georgetown homes for sale, there are three good options. Contact Keller Williams Realty, NewHome Source, or call Sherri Salley at Century 21 HSK & Associates. She is a Georgetown specialist. She can be reached at 512-966-7595. If you can’t reach her by phone, try using e-mail at gtowntxhomes@gmail.com. Regardless of what real estate agency or agent you choose to go with, if a laidback lifestyle is what you’re looking for, consider looking at homes for sale in Georgetown.

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