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Fort Worth Employment - Fort Worth Employment Outlook is Showing Improvement

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Texas’ economy has had its rough times, but is now showing strong positive signs. Since 2001 job growth in Texas has been low, but is now showing new activity in construction, energy and manufacturing.

Compared to the rest of the nation, the Fort Worth employment picture looks good. While recent years have seen some declines, the rate of job loss remains well below the national average. In the last year, job postings in the Dallas-Fort Worth area have declined by 14%, compared to 24% nationally. Now analysts are seeing cautious growth in some areas, and are beginning to make positive predictions for Fort Worth employment over the next few years.

According to an article in the Fort Worth Business Press, segments of the Fort Worth employment market that are hiring large numbers of employees right now are health care, education, government employment, and green industry. Medical facilities are being built and remodelled, which will create many jobs in construction and related fields.

The article goes on to say that job seekers should not have “tunnel-vision.” A common problem is that people only apply for jobs in a narrow field directly relating to their area of study. Finance majors tend to only apply at banks, medical majors only apply at hospitals, and so forth. Rather than conducting such a narrow job search, job seekers should realize that their skills are needed in other areas, too.

Accounting and other financial services are needed by almost any business, not just banks. Medical training is applicable to many other fields than hospital work, since many businesses need medical consultants and specialists of some kind. The same is true of all fields. Modern businesses need personnel in a wide variety of professions, so it would be a good idea for job seekers to expand their job search to areas that are not specifically in their field.

Job seekers should not ignore the federal government, which is hiring applicants in many professions. The federal government needs accounting, business consulting, clerical services, medical consultants, and many other professionals.

The cliche, “Think outside the box,” was never more true than it is now. The old attitude would have been, “I don’t want to be a spy, so why should I apply at the FBI?” The new attitude is, “All those spies need somebody to do their clerical work, and that’s me!”

This need for flexibility goes straight across the board, touching all areas of the economy. Hospitals hire more than just doctors and nurses. They also need office personnel, kitchen employees, sanitation and cleaning personnel, building maintenance staff, and so forth.

When job seekers think slightly outside their field, they might find a wealth of job possibilities that they would never have found otherwise.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that in the coming decade or so, areas that will experience the greatest growth in job demand are nursing, accounting, computer science and schoolteaching. Applicants should look in these areas, even if their training is in something else. These fields need more than just nurses, accountants, computer specialists and teachers. Expansion in any of these fields means that jobs will be opening in a wide range of occupations. This is true in the Fort Worth employment market and all across the nation.

Most businesses and government agencies will be hiring consultants to help them become more green, as well as various companies to help them implement those measures. Jobs relating to green tech are a huge area that has just begun to grow, and will constitute an increasingly large part of the Fort Worth employment picture.

To a great extent, green tech will continue to grow even when the economy is slow, since green measures often lead to financial savings down the road. For instance, energy-saving measures are good for more than the environment; they can also cut waste and make a company more efficient, resulting in long-term savings. Spurred on by this incentive, businesses will continue to invest in green tech even if the economy remains sluggish.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics also reports that data collection and analysis, business administration, education and computer softwear engineering will show large growth in the near future.

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