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Cheap California Insurance - How to find cheap California car insurance

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If you are looking for cheap car insurance in California, you may be daunted by the frequent high prices and seemingly limitless insurance options in the state. However, it is possible to find cheap California car insurance rates as long as you remember to limit yourself only to the coverage you actually need, remember to take advantage of promotions, limited time offers, and discounts, and spend time shopping around for quotes from numerous insurance companies a few times a year. The last step can be particularly helpful since rates for auto insurance in California are known to change often and a few minutes of research can result in a few hundred dollars in savings over a year.

California is the most populous state in the United States, with more than 36 million people who call it home. The state is predicted to continue to grow considerably with each year. Because so many people live in the state, it is only natural to expect a similar increase in the number of drivers both inside the state and outside who come to the state for business or pleasure related reasons. As a result, there are likely to be many vehicles driving across the interstates, streets, and roads of California for the foreseeable future. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that in certain parts of California, premiums for auto insurance can be particularly expensive, such as in cities like San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

However, this does not mean it is impossible to find cheap car insurance in California. A common tactic employed by drivers seeking lower insurance rates is to apply for minimum coverage. Minimum coverage means you have selected the lowest possible amount of coverage from a specific insurance provider; this will result in your having the lowest rate that company can offer. Minimum coverage plans can help you save hundreds of dollars a year in car insurance. However, the drawbacks of such coverage plans is that they will do less for you if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident. Additionally, it is not possible to obtain minimum coverage if you have a vehicle you do not completely own yet, such as a vehicle you are leasing or a vehicle you have bought but continue to make monthly payments on. In such cases, you will be required to have collision coverage as well as comprehensive coverage. For these and other reasons, it may be wise to forgo a new car purchase if you are seeking lower insurance premiums in California.

Another strategy to keep in mind when looking for cheap car insurance in California is to consider purchasing an older car, or at least a vehicle toward which you no longer make car payments. If you already have such a vehicle, you can sign up for a minimum coverage plan with a high deductible. The disadvantage here is that if you happen to be involved in an accident, your higher deductible means you may eventually end up paying more money out of your own pocket.

A final factor that will help you secure lower premiums for car insurance no matter what kind of vehicle you drive and how much protection you would like to receive is the state of your driving record. In general, it is a good rule of thumb that the cleaner your driving record, the lower you can expect your car insurance rates to be. In the state of California, there are more drivers on the road than there are in most other states in the country. Traffic is a serious problem in many areas of the state, which increases the likelihood of accidents and damage. As a result, it is common for insurance companies to offer substantial discounts if you are a safe driver as demonstrated by the lack of points and traffic infractions on your driving record. In other words, it pays to be a defensive driver in the state of California. Conversely, if you are unfortunate or careless enough to obtain a DUI in the state of California, it is likely that your rates will more than double in comparison to what they were before you had the conviction.

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