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University Of Washington Law School - Getting Into University of Washington Law School

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The university of washington law school is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious law schools in the northwest region of the United States. There are many factors involved with choosing which law school is right for you. If you are considering the university of washington law school you should consider your own credentials, the type of law you would like to practice, the state in which you would like to practice and how much money you are willing to spend on a legal education.

The university of washington law school is ranked at number 30 by US News and World Report. It is considered to be a highly selective law school. The university of washington law school only accepts about a quarter (25%) of the potential students who apply to the school each year. Less than 200 hundred students begin classes each fall. Accepted 1L classes generally boast an average LSAT score of 163 and an average undergraduate GPA of 3.7. Scores in this range do not necessarily guarantee acceptance since the university of washington law school admittance committee looks at a number of other factors when deciding who to extend invitations to. Admissions officials look to make each entering class diverse. Officials may consider ethnicity, background and experiences quite heavily when deciding who will make the cut. It is recommended applicants use their admissions essays to stress the uniqueness of their individual experiences to stand out from the crowd.

The university of washington law school specializes in a number of different types of law. The majority of their graduates end up in the private sector after graduation. After first-year required classes students are free to choose from many different law specialization tracks. Tracks at the university of washington law school include Asian law, intellectual property and dispute resolution. Clinic programs are also available for law students in areas like environmental law and refugee advocacy.

Common thought dictates an aspiring lawyer should attend law school in the state they wish to practice law. Quality of life is a big factor in deciding where you want to practice law after graduation. The university of washington law school is located in Seattle on a scenic campus. Seattle was ranked as the most livable city in the United States in 2005 by the US Conference of Mayors. Seattle is an environmentally conscious city. The Mayor of Seattle aims to improve climate change while increasing the quality of life with green building initiatives, plenty of urban green spaces and a progressive mass transit system. Seattle is also home to a lively music and art scene.

The spirit of competition is generally strong in many law schools. However, the university of washington school of law has resisted ranking students by grades. It was only in 2007 when the school decided to rank students in tiers. Still the university of washington school of law does not use a traditional class ranking system like most other upper-tier law schools.

Most students at the university of washington school of law (60%) are Washington residents. In-State tuition runs students $23,000 a year. This does not take into account books ($1000 or more per semester) or living expenses. Average rent in Seattle is more than $1000 a month. If you are planning on attending the university of washington law school from out of state, tuition will cost nearly $33,000 per year.

A rule of thumb used by many is to only get into debt for law school the amount you think you will get for your first year salary once you graduate. The average starting salary for university of washington law school graduates was $110,000 per year in 2007. 98% of graduates are employed six months after passing the bar. It is important to keep debt to a minimum in order to pay back student loans. Law school student loans are non-dischargable. That means if you declare bankruptcy because you cannot pay your debts, those debts will not be discharged by a judge.

The university of washington law school is an excellent choice for residents of Washington, aspiring attorneys who want to live and work in Washington and anyone interested in the various specializations the school has to offer.

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