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Oslo Cheap Flights - Travelers Plans Increases Demand for Oslo Cheap Tickets

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What makes Oslo a major destination for visitors every year? It is the birthplace of the Nobel Peace Prize and one of Europe’s most picturesque countries. In fact, new tours have been designed to accommodate the millions of travelers who descend upon Oslo for vacation and travel. Because of the popularity of visiting Oslo, cheap flights are now available from many budget air carriers and even some of the major airlines.

Oslo is built upon a rich history that predates the separation of Norway and Sweden, which were ruled together as one kingdom under Karl Johan in the 19th century. After the separation in 1905, when the two countries established their own sovereignty, Oslo became the capital city of Norway, the destination of students, scientists, peace-seeking activists, ambassadors and entrepreneurs. The Royal Family of Norway resides in Oslo and the official, albeit unofficial name, of the city is Tigerstaden (the City of Tigers), coined by the author Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson around 1870.

Whenever you travel to Oslo, cheap flights may be available during any season, although peak seasons can be pricier than off-season times. Depending of the time of year, one will find others are off to the ski slopes, planning to explore Viking historical sites or perhaps a Nobel Peace Prize winner is there to receive their award. Year-round there is plenty to see and do in Oslo.

December is a peak season in Oslo. Cheap flights may not be as abundant but with some careful research, a bargain may be discovered through stand-by arrangements, special package tours or holiday celebrations. The peak time in Oslo is from mid-May to September when eleven hours of daily sunshine lure travelers from all over the world.

Oslo cheap flights are much easier to find in the wintertime and after the holidays. For ski enthusiasts, there is no better time to catch a flight to Oslo. Oslo cheap flights can also be obtained during the spring and autumn months. In fact, these seasons are moderate in temperature which makes it the perfect time for sightseeing and with the city‘s treasures relatively close together, walking tours are a beautiful way to see the city.

It is no surprise most people think of Oslo as a cold and chilly country, nestled as it is in the northernmost part of the world. However, the Gulf Stream keeps the climate moderate in the summer with temperatures hovering around 70 degrees and while cold in the winter, it is not the extreme cold of some of its sister nations.

The Oslo Airport (OSL) is Norway’s main international airport. Located 29 miles north of the city center, an airport bus motors between the airport terminals and the Oslo Bus terminal in the downtown area. Most of the services run on an hourly basis between locations. While some airlines offer direct flights to Oslo, cheap tickets will often require a connection or two en route.

With the money saved from booking Oslo cheap flights, a tourist may choose to splurge on food, wine and the buzzing nightlife beckons with its dancing clubs and cozy cafes. Others may choose to stretch their legs with a leisurely stroll down Karl Johan’s Gate. This avenue leads straight to the Royal Palace and the walk is entertaining and lively with a myriad of shops, eateries and street performers.

However, many visitors visit Norway to explore Viking history and view artifacts in museums such as the Viking Ship Museum, home to three 9th century Viking burial ships fitted for the queens of Norway or have come to explore the Historical Museum with Viking artifacts, coins and medieval artifacts.

Art enthusiasts booking Oslo cheap flights should visit Edward Munch’s famous expressionist masterpiece, “The Scream” while perusing the treasures of the National Gallery and the Ibsen Museum displays the finest artistry of Norway’s artists and artisans. Take the family to the Children’s Art Museum for interactive and invigorating exhibitions.

Whatever the interests are in Oslo, cheap tickets give tourists the chance to explore and experience a beautiful city they might not otherwise have had the chance to visit.

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