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Day Inn Hotels - Why Are Day Inn Hotels So Popular?

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If you live in the continental United States, you have heard of Days Inn. Days Inn is one of the most popular hotel chains in the country, as well as the world. For instance, there are 1,667 Day Inn hotels in the United States, 87 in Canada, 43 in the United Kingdom, 31 in China, and at least one in each of the following countries: Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Guam, Ireland, Jordan, Paraguay, Philippines, Russian Federation, and Uruguay. How many hotel chains can say that? This is impressive as well as important. All these Day Inn hotels exist because they are excellent at what they do.

When you travel to another city and plan to stay at a Day Inn, you should not expect luxury and fine dining. What you should expect is cleanliness, affordability, excellent service, and a great location. Most Day Inn hotels also have an outdoor pool, a fitness center, and a complimentary breakfast. If you’re lucky, you might even find a Days Inn that has a waterslide in the pool, or perhaps there might even be an indoor pool. If you would like more information on any Day Inn hotel, call 1-800-329-7466. If you would like this information to be in Spanish, call 1-888-709-4024. However, if you would prefer to have as much information as possible now, see below.

For the best rate at any Day Inn, call one of the phone numbers listed above. You can also visit their website at daysinn.com. If you choose to call, make sure you mention that you would like to take advantage of one of their packages. The best rate currently available for Days Inn is the 3-night deal. If you stay for 3 nights, you will receive 20% off. What makes this even sweeter is that it’s not off their regular rate, but off their best available rate. Combining these two offers, which most hotels won’t do, will allow you to save a bundle of money. Another option is the 2-night deal. With this option, you will receive 15% off. Once again, this is off the best available rate, not the normal rate. Another way to save money at the Day Inn is to call and book 14 days in advance. This will save you 20%.

People travel around the country for different reasons. That being the case, Day Inn offers a Hotel Requirements feature on their website. To take advantage of this great tool, first select your desired destination. Then, check the boxes that match what you require for your hotel stay. You are allowed to click more than one. You can also click none or all. These requirement options include: Airport Shuttle, Business Center, Free Breakfast, Free WiFi, Fitness Center, Meeting Space, Pets Allowed, Pool, and Restaurant. Another neat feature on the Day Inn website is to search along a route for a Day Inn hotel. Type in your starting and ending points. Then type in the mileage radius, which can be either 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10. You can also search in kilometers. The website will automatically provide all the nearest Day Inn hotels in the area.

If you’re not familiar with the Days Inn, that’s okay. What you should know is that these hotels are for the average traveler. They are not for the elite or those strapped for cash. Everything about a Days Inn says middle class, which most people appreciate. This leads to friendlier employees, down-to-earth guests, and an overall laidback feel. If you’re ever planning a long road trip, such as along one of the coasts, cross country, or out of state to visit family, the Day Inn will be your number one option. As far as cost goes, you can often find rooms going for less than $100 per night. In some cases, you can even find rooms for as low as $50 per night. Of course, the price will depend on the location and time of travel.

Once you have stayed at a Day Inn hotel, be sure to fill out a customer review form online. They will be sure to use it in order to make any necessary improvements. They have proven this over time. And if your stay was perfect, they will probably be happy to here that, too.

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