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Fort Pierce Home - Finding a Fort Pierce Home

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With mortgage rates low and prices of homes bottoming out, many people are taking advantage of these times by purchasing their first home as well as investment homes. Throughout the United States, home prices have fallen due to both the impending mortgage crisis as well as the financial recession, and while some are forced to deal with the possibility of foreclosures and bankruptcy. However, others that have been unaffected by these issues are finding that there may be no better time to purchase a home than of the present. For instance, five years ago, a first time home buyer would have to had impeccable credit to receive an interest rate even close to what people are getting now. Also, five years ago a three bedroom two bathroom home would be on average somewhere around $200,000. As of now, the average two bedroom, two bath home is less than $150,000. One of the most popular places to purchase homes is in the state of Florida and an area that is very popular in Florida is Fort Pierce.
Fort Pierce Homes
Situated in St. Lucie County in the state of Florida, Fort Pierce is located on the East Coast of the state and offers its residents a number of activities based around its beautiful beaches. Also, its close proximity to so many cities within the state make it a very popular place for those looking to relocate. By living in Fort Pierce, you can avoid the hustle and bustle of the larger cities but still be within close proximity to enjoy all of the amenities that those cities have to offer. Whether you are a young couple looking for a Fort Pierce home or an established family looking for more bang for your buck, Fort Pierce homes may have what you are looking for.
Three Bedroom, Two Bath Homes
For those people who are just starting out or are looking to upgrade from their one or two bedroom home, the allure of a three bedroom, two bath home in Fort Pierce can be very enticing. For instance, Lakeshore Drive has a great starter home for sale for under $250,000. This three bedroom, two bathroom home features private access to the ocean as well as their own personal access to a community marina. The driveway is brick-paved and features a two car garage. The interior is filled with ceramic tile and carpet, with vaulted and cathedral ceilings. All of the appliances in the home are contemporary such as a side-by-side refrigerator and a glass top stove. The master bedroom holds its own private bath with both a garden tub and shower and tiled floors. There are many great features to this home and there are plenty more Fort Pierce homes similar to this one.
Luxury Homes
For those who have an established career and make an above average salary, he or she will find many Fort Pierce homes that are very reasonable and offer countless luxury. For instance, the home on Shell Drive that is over 7000 square feet with wall to wall tile and marble may be just what you are looking for. This home features a number of amenities as well as its own guest house for friends and family. The kitchen and bathrooms are all tiled with marble counter tops and the most contemporary appliances. The kitchen utilizes all matching Bosch appliances, all of which are in warranty. The house sits on over just one acre of land with beautiful views of the ocean from the balcony and deck. If you like to sit back with your favorite movie, you can do so in the home theater room that will seat up to fifteen people with a high definition movie screen for your viewing pleasure. This five bedroom, five bathroom home is sure to please even the most discerning tastes as it is one of the most elegant Fort Pierce homes available.

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