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Great Barrier Reef Hotels - Exotic Hotels in the Beautiful Great Barrier Reef

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Australia is home to one the Seven Wonders of the World: the Great Barrier Reef. Composed of about 3,000 individual reefs and 900 miles, this natural wonder located in the Coral Sea off the coast of Queensland, is the world’s biggest single structure made by living organisms. This beautiful underwater world is so huge, it can be seen from outer space.

With approximately two billion people a year visiting this gorgeous place, the Great Barrier Reef is easily one of the most popular tourist spots. Most people travel to the area in the autumn and winter times. Scuba divers come far and wide to explore the vast biodiversity and swim in the warm clear waters. Diving and snorkeling are the most popular activities. The areas are usually enclosed by nets. Others can view the wonders of the sea from tourist boats called ‘live aboards.’ In addition, there are other options to view the Great Barrier Reef including boat sizing from dinghies to superyachts. These tours vary from single day trips to long voyages. Helicopters, glass-bottomed boats, and underwater observatories are also very popular. Most tourism is concentrated in two places: the Whitsundays and Cairns because of the accessibility to tourists. However, more than 30 of the islands on the Great Barrier Reefs support resorts for travelers to enjoy the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, so if you are looking for a great place to stay while enjoying the reefs, there are plenty to choose from!

Paradise Bay Eco Escape is one of the top rated Great Barrier Reef hotels. Beautifully designed, relaxing, and peaceful, the resort is made up of cabins right next to the ocean so you may fall asleep to the waves. Known for being a more intimate resort, with no children, it is also a sociable atmosphere with communal meals. Guests also do many of the activities as a group. This is a great way to meet people, but also spend some quality, romantic time with your significant other as well. The service, food, and drinks are phenomenal. Overall, this resort is perfect for a getaway to escape the stresses of your everyday life.

The Summit Apartments at Airlie Beach is a great bargain hotel to look into when planning your trip to the Great Barrier Reef. A friendly staff will ensure a smooth stay at the Summit Apartments and the rooms look exactly like they do on their website: spotless, beautiful, and always with some view of the ocean. A great place for families and children as there is a lot to do not only in town, but also in this Great Barrier Reef hotel. The hotel has a game room, equipped with board games, card games, and table tennis. In addition the pool is kept clean and convenient for all users. The one thing to note is that this hotel is located on a hill, so a car or some sort of transportation is a must.

Another Great Barrier Reef hotel located on Airlie Beach is the Sea Star Apartments. A great place to accommodate large groups, the rooms are large, simple, clean and comfortable. In addition, a fully equipped kitchen is a plus, especially those traveling with families and friends. A mere five minute walk to the main strip, this hotel is also located atop a steep hill, but tours and busses can pick you up from the front of the hotel. Airlie Beach is a great place to stay when visiting the Great Barrier Reef as the views are breathtaking, and the Sea Star Apartments allow you to view that beauty right from your balcony.

Orpheus Island is yet another beautiful place to stay when exploring the Great Barrier Reef. The Orpheus Island Resort is near many coral and clam snorkeling sites that are home to many species of colorful fish. Though expensive, the management ensures a great balance between attentiveness and privacy along with a friendly, optimistic staff. The food is great and if you go on a picnic, the chef will pack you your own lunch to take along! This Great Barrier Reef hotel will organize day trips for you, or you can simply enjoy the beauty from this gorgeous hotel.

Whether you are down with the fish, dry on a yacht, or watching a sunset from the balcony, Great Barrier Reef hotels offer the best of the best so all travelers will leave happy and wanting to stay at least a few more days.

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