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Coffee And Espresso Makers - Finding the Best Coffee and Espresso Makers

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Coffee is one of the world’s most traditional beverages and is enjoyed by millions of people everyday throughout the day. Espresso is a form of coffee that has become increasingly popular over the last few decades, which consists of a small amount of extremely concentrated coffee. With both of these drinks being so popular, there are many different appliances for sale that are used to make both coffee and espresso. Coffee makers are generally inexpensive and come in many different shapes and sizes while espresso makers can be more pricey and have fewer options when it comes to size. However, anyone who enjoys coffee or espresso will have a number of choices when looking to purchase an appliance to make either beverage.
Coffee Makers
Coffee makers have been around for a number of years. The first home appliance stores that started carrying electric coffee makers were Sears and Woolworths in the early 1940’s. These appliances were very large and bulky but would eventually decrease in sizes over the years. During the 1970’s and 80’s, one of the most popular coffee makers was called “Mr. Coffee” and was sold all over the world. However, many people felt that these coffee makers were not bringing out the full flavor of the coffee as did stove top coffee pots of the past. This is when high-end coffee makers began to hit the market under brand names such as Bunn and Cuisinart. One of the best home coffee makers on the market today is the Bunn A10 Pour-O-Matic. This coffee maker is top of the line and features a pressure brewer that allows one to pour a cup before the rest of the coffee is done. It also enables the user to utilize the warming pad as a hot plate for warming water for tea and other beverages. Another coffee maker that many people choose is the Cuisinart SS-700 coffee maker, which even has a feature for iced beverages. This coffee maker allows the user to brew up to eight cups of coffee at one time and has all digital settings for ease of use. Also, with an eighty ounce water reservoir, one will spend less time filling up the coffee maker and more time drinking their favorite blend. Both of these coffee makers are excellent choices with the Cuisinart being the more expensive of the two brands.
Espresso Makers
Espresso has been around for much longer than most people actually know as it was a choice beverage in Europe for many centuries. The first espresso machine was introduced in the early 1900’s in the country of Italy and has been modified ever since. As of the present, most businesses and home espresso makers incorporate the steam press method where steam is filtered through powdered coffee grinds to achieve its concentrated make-up. There are many different espresso makers on the market although one will find that purchasing a machine of high-quality is a must for those wanting a quality cup of espresso. Many people agree that the best home espresso maker is the Rancilio Silvia machine although it is very basic in nature. This machine comes with very few amenities and will take some time to master. However, it is said to be the best value because its price tag will be less than $1000. Most stores have the Rancilio Silvia machine available for somewhere between $500 – $1000. The machine is not automated in any way and contains no digital measurements or settings. It is suggested that owners thoroughly read the instruction manual for its set-up as well as some material on making espresso in general.
Many Choices
When looking to purchase a coffee or espresso maker, one will find that there are numerous choices to consider before choosing one over the other. However, it has been said by many coffee and espresso enthusiasts that when it comes to a quality maker, you are going to get what you pay for. Before purchase, do your own research and decide what price you can afford for the style and quality you are looking for.

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