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Travel Manager Jobs - How to Spin a Love of Travel into a Career with Travel Manager Jobs

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Some people wish they were on vacation every week. They plan countless imaginary itineraries, avidly wait to hear the details of a co-worker’s trip, and plan their own expeditions with meticulous detail. With such a genuine interest in travel, a career as a travel manager is a natural decision to make.

Most people know what travel agents do: they plan and book all the elements of a vacation for clients. Being a travel manager involves more complexity, although managers will often book travel in addition to their other duties. Working as a travel manager requires individuals who have considerable business and sales acumen. They must be driven by goals and hungry for results. It is also desirable for a person who wants to pursue such a career to have a pleasant, outgoing personality since they will have to deal with not only their own staff, but also the public.

Most people who choose this career path begin with a certificate or degree in travel and tourism. In addition, many individuals who seek travel manager jobs must also focus their education in business and marketing. The travel manager promotes the agency they manage, as well as needing the knowledge to be able to run the business successfully. They must be able to project and communicate sales goals, create budgets, and handle miscellaneous tasks like accounting and advertising. A travel manager is also a human resources professional. They may hire and oversee their agency’s sales staff, and deal with any employee issues that crop up.

People considering this field should be aware that it calls for a great degree of diplomacy, patience, and a cool head. A travel manager usually must work to resolve any disputes or customer complaints that may arise. Their involvement in such a situation may save the agency a valuable client, or mean the difference between a sale and a potential client that simply walks away. It is important, therefore, for anyone in travel manager jobs to be able to think on their feet and be determined to solve any problems with which they may be presented. Tact and being an articulate speaker are indispensable traits for any travel manager.

Despite the occasional stresses that accompany the job, most travel managers genuinely enjoy their work. They spend at least part of their day planning vacations for clients, or assisting agents with itineraries for their clients. This allows the manager to take a hands-on approach with their employees and helps them keep up on the latest vacation trends. One of the biggest perks of holding travel manager jobs is being able to travel at a discounted rate. Resorts and other travel companies will offer travel managers frequent opportunities to try out their services. This gives the travel professional a chance to experience all the amenities a particular resort has to offer, for instance, and they can therefore make a well informed recommendation to a client.

Experience is an important part of the travel manager’s job. The longer they have worked in the travel industry, the more their reputation grows. Advertising helps, but word of mouth referrals are one of the best ways that a travel manager can grow their business. By providing excellent customer service themselves, and ensuring that their employees are doing the same, travel managers can help guarantee the success of their agency in a very competitive environment. The more experience and the better reputation the travel manager has, the more their clientele will grow. Having a broad customer base is increasingly important in an age in which technology has made it easier for individuals to plan and book their own travel. However, there is still a large segment of the population that prefers to know their vacation plans are safely in the hands of a professional. Additionally, travel managers are useful to clients because of their knowledge of the sometimes complex laws and regulations that govern international travel.

Because of the complexity of their responsibilities, and their long experience, travel managers are a chief asset of any travel agency, and they are compensated accordingly. It is not unusual for experienced travel managers to earn as much as $75,000 annually, or perhaps more, in this competitive field.

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