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Round Dining Room Tables - How To Choose A Round Dining Room Table

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Match many needs and moods with the tremendous versatility of round dining room tables. The smooth, round shape appeals to people who love talking around the dinner table. The round dining table is inclusive down to the youngest member of the party. Diners see and engage everyone else. When it is just two, the round dining table promotes intimacy and romance. In place of a head-of-the-table power seat, the round table creates a circle of equality. The circle lets food, conversation, and laughter move around and across the table.

Choosing a new round dining room table is both exciting and challenging. Carefully selected, a table adds beauty and usefulness to a home for many years. Put some forethought into the type, size, and cost of the desired table. Deciding upon price is important. Costs vary from one hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Now check out the amazing innovations in design and materials that go into today’s round tables. To simplify shopping, use these suggestions on how to choose a round dining room table.

Round dining room tables fit several types of dining spaces. The most efficient fit is a square dining room. The square shape is just about perfect in terms of proportion as it has the same space all around the table. But round dining tables do fit into some diverse spaces such as large formal dining rooms, eat-in kitchens, alcoves, and open-ended spaces off other living areas. Cottages and vacation homes accomodate this style.

When shopping, remember that a round table needs to do more than just fit into the room. Diners need a minimum amount of space for comfort. Each person needs at least 22 inches of space and 14 inches of depth for comfort. Figure a little more space for larger adults. Translated into table size, that means that four people sit comfortably at a 36" to 48" table; four to six people need 58" to 78"; six to eight people need 60" to 82".

Once seated, there should be sufficient space to move around the table comfortably. Space from table to wall, or table to buffet, should measure from 30" to 36". With large chairs at the table, space requirements jump to 48". Next consider the size of the table. How many people will typically eat at the table? For four people, buy a 36" to 48" round; 4-6 diners buy 58" to 78"; and six to eight need 60".

Once the size and price range are settled upon, it is time to shop. Big box stores, retail furniture stores, catalogs, antique shops, and the internet offer a stunning array of materials and designs not seen before. However, shoppers still find classic styles like the Sheraton design with its elegant tapering legs. Consumers express delight at the beauty and durability of the products. Furniture craftsmen now create astonishly beautiful tables from simple to formal.

For those who love the warmth of wood, tables come in cedar, pine, black walnut, cherry, barnwood, and reclaimed wood. In the right setting, unusual materials such as copper, aluminum and wrought iron; glass, stone, marble, and slate; and luxurious leather as well as acrylic work well. Buying chair sets with the round table makes sense as the chairs will match the table. Add a buffet or sideboard in the same material.

Bases show the newest and hottest trends They range from simple to sublime. Like the tops, different materials and designs go into pedestal or four-leg designs. Yes, many round tables have four legs. Again they range from rustic to extremely formal. Both can be breathtaking. A pedestal base formed with upper parts of trees that grew and entertwined together is a work of art. Classic pilasters, x-shaped or crossover, and sleek contemporary legs support the top. Still popular, George Nelson’s 1958 sculptured swag leg is artful.

Designers derive styles from many traditions: English, French, Italian, Mexican, American, and Scandinavian. Mid-century modern, the 1950’s, is a current fun revival. Retro and vintage invite attention. Directoire, Shaker, Georgian, Queen Anne and Colonial have been interpreted by today’s designer. With so many choices shopping gets a little dizzying. Finally, everyone does select just the right table for just the right room.

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